Vitamin B12

Hi. I have been reading now for about one year on the topic of illness, health, food and excercise to best complement our own body.

i want to ask about how to keep vit B12 from dropping.

i have read about juicing , smoothies, Gerson diet, Keytone diet. Vegan diet and a few in between ideas.

I use the chronometer sometimes to work out the nutrients in the food I am eating.

for a year I have cut out sugar and sugary things.

Cut processed food down to a minimum.

No alcohol, tea or coffee. Only green tea with fresh lemon.

lost 10 kegs in first three months but felt remarkably fit.

After this I cut back on the juicing because of other things getting in the way.

One topic I can't get much info on is blood type and diet.

I have read about this in the past but no one is sticking their head out with any decent advice on diet for a particular blood group.

each group needs a different food regime. Or should I say a different array of foods.

Got to go now. Hopefully back soon.

72 yrs young. Haha


I feel the topic is underestimated by the majority of people that I have tried to talk to about our body, it's health and how we accomplish this well being.


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome to the community :)

    It seems like you've had a great year! 

    I think the blood type diet has a lot to do with where your ancestors came from. I'm type A and what I read said I should be eating a mostly sea-based diet (I do love nori). My family came from coastal areas so it makes sense to me. 


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