lose stools?

schwam66schwam66 Raw Jr. Leader

Greetings, Have been raw for 3 weeks now and am loving it, the only down side is lose stools....i know its not the nicest of things to discuss and ask but i want to stay on it and just want to seek info from those that have and are on the raw way of life. I started out on a joe cross juice detox for 5 days that i continued for another 5 so 10 in total, i still have 2-3 juices a day but also have either a bowl of mixed fruit or a salad with various ingredients(carrots, mushrooms,peppers,tomatoes, avacado)..i stay well hydrated in the day and am fight an healthy 29 year old male, my stools were fine when i was on the nothing but juice 'detox' very few and far between and very green and tar like but now with the other food mixed in im not sure what the deal is....i forgot to mention i have a 500ml warm glass of water with lemon to start the day.....my salads have a hemp seed and coconut and dill sauce as well as two table spoons of braggs apple cider vinegar.......mixed fruit if i have that is usually bananas,strawberries and blueberries....sorry for all the info just dont want to not give the full picture, no idea what it can be but like i said wanted some help as i dont want this issue to make me not continue this way of life as it truely is wonderful. If anyone could tell me how they got on and if this is just the body getting rid of the old junk or if maybe something just isnt agreeing with me, maybe its the vinegar? i have always used vinegar in the past but maybe something about the good organic stuff? no idea, any help and past experiences would be great. thank you all.



  • TammiTrueTammiTrue Raw Master

    Greetings! Maybe it's your body adjusting to a change? I know a diet high in fat can do that, but don't see anything in your diet that would count. 

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