Night shift & raw

Hi everyone, I am new to the site and to raw. I had been a vegetarian and then vegan in the past for a few years and then sadly went back to a SAD diet mostly due to family. I am now ready to commit to raw as I felt so much better as a vegan and have some health issues now and a lot of weight I need to release. The one thing that is concerning me is my work schedule. I work 12 am - 8 am and my company is talking about going to 12 hour shifts. I am a hospice nurse so I work in people's homes. Do any of you work nights and if so how do you usually prepare meals for yourself and family? My hubby is hardcore carnivore and will not be eating raw with me. I look forward to getting to know all of you as I start this new journey.


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    I just joined this site.  I am a vegan gourmet chef, so going raw and all the prep shouldn't be too hard.  Unlike you, I am super fortunate to have turned my carnivore into a vegan and he is doing quite well....albeit if we eat out I keep my mouth shut and let him order steak.


    I am wondering how you fared on the night shift?  I am going back to work the end of May as a dialysis RN.  Super early mornings and long shifts.  Keeping us well fed will be a challenge the first 8 weeks as there is intensive training.  After that block scheduling means I work three days, one day off, work three days and get a week off, and repeat.  

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