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Hello friends, it's nice to meet you!

I adopted the raw vegan diet since some 5 years ago and I am very happy with it.

In my view, the avocado is the best food, because it's the only fruit/vegetable that has so much fat. It keeps you running for hours and it is also very healthy. I eat a lot of avocado every day. The rest of the food I am eating (tomato, bell pepper, onion) is more for taste than for necessity.

I noticed that the vast majority of the people give up the raw vegan diet after a short while. And my conclusion is that reducing the stress is the key for being able to maintain this diet.

The stress affects the eating appetite, more than most of the people feel comfortable to admit.

When we have too much stress of when we have a chaotic or a meaningless/pointless life, those psychological disorders are affecting our eating appetite, in a way that nobody can resist. Therefore, being a raw vegan is not a matter of strong will at all. It is simply a matter of living a responsible and meaningful life.

The raw food is not a diet, not a sport, not even a religion. It is simply a lifestyle. If we want to be raw foodists and to have a very good health, then we must be ready to shape all our life and our being in a way to make ourselves compatible with this diet. In fact, we are actually becoming capable to live the human life as we are actually supposed to live it: healthy, happy, joyful, responsible, balanced, stable, comfortable, honest, constructive, and above all, a meaningful life.

The point is not to change ourselves just for being capable to keep a diet, of course. But the beauty of this diet is in the fact that it is actually showing us the way to the meaningful life, the return to ourselves, and how to respect and value the Universal laws.

It would be strange to imagine a completely healthy human being that has a healthy body but an unhealthy mind. Having real health means being in good shape at all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Those who limit themselves at the health for the physical body will never really be able to be raw foodists. You are either going forward or else you will have to go back. This is the raw food diet, in my view.



  • BlizzardBlizzard Raw Newbie

    The raw food diet is keeping the physical body in good health.

    But on top of that, it also helps us to become aware of the affections of our psychological and mental body (most of the time the affection is plain unnecessary and unhealthy stress). This awareness manifests in the form of feeling uncomfortable with the raw food diet, and feeling a general state of discomfort. One might say that the raw food diet is magnifying our stress issues. While in fact, the raw food doesn't create any stress, but it simply reveals the stress that we always had within us.

    Going back to eating cooked food is not going to make the stress go away. But in fact, the cooked food is basically an anesthetic that makes us become unaware of the stress or to greatly reduce the intensity of the stress that we feel in our being. Once the cooked food is gone, the stress that was always there with us starts to hurt at full intensity, and then feeling a general state of discomfort or irritation. And then, unfortunately, most of the people will think that the discomfort is generated by the raw food, and after a while they won't resist anymore and they will stop using this diet.

    The solution to this situation is not to stop the raw food diet, but to go to the roots of the problems and to find the causes that generate the stress in our being. We have to remove the causes and then the stress will go away, leaving us in a state of psychological equilibrium, wellness, comfort, joy and happiness. The solution is not to go back to ingesting anesthetics (cooked food) that prevents us to feel the psychological pain. There is a good reason for the pain to exist: simply for showing us the causes that are generating it, for stimulating us to go to those causes that generate the problems and to fix them.

    Therefore the solution is to become healthy at all levels, not only at the level of the physical body. And then, the raw food diet is actually only the first step that we are doing in order to get there. After adopting the raw food diet, we have a lot more work to do in order to become completely healthy and happy. The raw food diet is greatly helping us to see what else we have to fix with ourselves.

    It is a rewarding journey that might involve a considerable amount of (well spent) time and energy, and therefore it only works for those who are actually interested in taking such a journey and to invest enough energy in doing it right.

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I like your philosophy!

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