vitamins on a raw diet

schwam66schwam66 Raw Jr. Leader

greetings friends, was curious what you all use for vitamins and supplements to balance what your missing out on?? i have read B12 and D3 supplements are a must so curious what brands you would recommend and if anything else would be beneficial? obviously everyone is different and it also depends on other things but a general question is all....also would any of you recommend a full daily vitamin?? looking at the garden of life 'raw one' but i remember in the past reading that daily mutli vitamins are just a waste of money and make expensive pee?? i dont think i would necessarily need one myself as i juice 3 times a day and have good suppers/ snacks throughout the day but for my wife i feel could be benefit so please do let me know and share anything else that might be good to know, not just for myself but others new to this way of living.


thanks in advance to you all, really appreciate all the great insight on here!



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    I would definitely recommend a multivitamin if you're changing your diet, just to get through the transition if nothing else. 

    Can you get testing done to see what your levels are? It might help in determining which vitamins your body really needs. 

  • schwam66schwam66 Raw Jr. Leader

    what sort of testing can i get done? or what should i ask for? i am in the UK and went to the doctor and said i wanted a full test done to see what minerals and vitamins i was short or low on to be looked at and was told they dont do that, that its just a standard blood test, which came back that i was fine, but i would think b12 and the vitamin d were certainly low so not sure what it is i ask for or where i could go as the health service here clearly doesnt test as i had hoped....

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