Detox Symptoms

Can anyone recommend a good website that discusses what type of detox symptoms you might go through on the raw vegan diet? I have been about 90-95% raw for the past 7 weeks and for the last 1-1/2 weeks experiencing a really bad case of hives with off and on slight nausea. I itch like crazy …. today I am drinking only filtered water and will try and do the same tomorrow. However, some information on what to expect would be great. Thanks, CarolB


  • I don’t have a specific webiste but I can tell you. The skin IS the largest detox organ of the body considered the “second kidney” if you will. As we progress in raw eating with the high enzyme/water content food and have elminated the “bad” foods, toxins either are elimnated thru via colon or skin. You will find that itching,hives etc are very common as myself too.

    There are number of things to consider, you can slow down detox:

    eating more healthy fats aid the ease of detox thru a detox bath like Dr Singha’s mustard seed powder detox bath OR buy mustard seed powder and put 2-3 tbsp with rosemary and thyme oils. Make sure you get plenty of blood flowing exercise Lemon water draw toxins down to the colon Some people have bathed in ACV You can neutralize toxins in the body with more green smoothies or green juices

    Whatever you do, stay hydrated.

    Best to you, ml

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