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Support your local... Omshanti!!

Hi there everyone.. For those of you who may not know I have been eagerly awaiting a box from my folks in the US which contained some granola and chips from Omshanti. Well the box arrived today and (I’m being totally unbias) it was SO worth the month wait!! The granola is better than anything I’ve bought from a store, EVER! The chips are really good and if I had more I’d be making raw dips just to try them with everything. Omshanti has a web site that you can order her products from (and if you’re lucky enough to live in the San Diego area you can get her products from the places listed on the site) Trust me you will NOT be dissapointed!!

I was fortunate to get the cinnasweet granola and I really have to watch myself or I know I’ll eat the whole jar today. Raw this good should be illegal!

To order for yourself (trust me you will be thanking yourself later too) you can visit her web site: http://www.granolasspecialtyfoods.com/home


W/love K-Mom


  • Wow! I’m so jealous! I was about to go on amazon and order some raw revolution bars, but I think I’ll order some from omshanti now, and like you said, support a local! Problem is, everything sounds so good I don’t know what to order!

  • Oooh, yay! I remember her talking about her raw biz a little while ago, things she was mostly selling to folks nearby, and the food always sounded so amazing and yummy. I might end up ordering something. :) Thanks for letting us know.

  • No joking guys… My husband, who’s never tried granola before, at one point said “Hon yo gotta stop me or you won’t have any left!” He’s totally planning on finding a way to order more (even if it takes a month to get here) because he wants to try the other flavors now. Wow I might have a raw hubby soon.

  • Yay Kmom! you got the box ~! good!!!! Im so excited!!! I was hoping the packageing kept the stuff fresh and edible, seems like I can send you all kinds of stuff now! send me a list… im not kidding(Wink wink) Thank you for your big endorsement can i put it on my site under testimonials?;) now i have to set up ordering on line for sure… We where dragging our feet about it but its the way to go!!!! I sent stuff to florida for my folks and it went standard UPS ground and they said it was in great shape and they passed it out to their golfing buddies! seems coconut maccaroons are popular with the the old folks!hahah So guys, Anyone interested please feel free to write to me at Beth@granolasspecialtyfoods.com you can get my attention here on the forums somewhere if you have trouble as Yahoo hosting seems to be kinda persnikety!

    Kmom, Im so glad you liked it!!! Im doing a happy dance! thanks for the kind words and we’ll get right on those dried fugis for you and what ever else your heart desires…. blessings!

  • I think it helped that it was surrounded by baby clothes and blankets… kept the glass safe and all.. but after a month-long trip it tastes completely fresh. We were at family’s house last night to break the fast so I didn’t get to share with my mom-in-law, but tonight I’m definately sharing and I will post the comments (granola is a foreign food here so no one but me has ever had it before) You can most definately add this to your testimonials.. After I check out the menu again I might make up that list for you.. BTW hubby really liked the spicy chips.. He asked me if I knew how to make them here.. lol. Now if I could just get him to like the green smoothies as much. :-) Take care K-Mom

  • hmm… it’d be nice if beth’s snacks had the power to turn anybody raw. I’m going to test that!

  • Ok after we broke fast last night I decided to share my goodies with the in-laws and see what they thought. Now keep in mind NONE of them have ever see or tasted granola before. They all LOVED it, especially my mom-in-law. She loved the almonds and the walnuts (she’s fond of nuts and seeds), Sis-in-law liked the pumpkin seeds and almonds and the cinnamon flavor, Dad-in-law wanted to have it this morning with his yogurt and said that I should make some so he can take it with him next time he goes to the village to work at his orchard, brother-in-law was sceptical at first (I think the oats were strange to him) but tried it and said that it was good and asked if I could make some in a different flavor (he’s into salty more than sweet). Of course hubby loves it all and thinks that I need to find a way to dehydrate in the winter so I can make more. I only got the granola 2 days ago and I already am down to 1/3 of the jar left! that’s how much they liked it they were kinda of surprised when I told them the granola was raw.. It’s still new to them (the idea of raw things) but they’re willing to try so I’m happy.

  • Oh , Im so glad everyone enjoyed the granola!!! I was thinking on your dehydrator problem Kmom for winter and your limited power,My hubby says that the heating element and fan itself is not to complicated in the dehydrator, and he believes that a small enough unit, like a two tray size could possibly be powered by a solar panel or two, not the huge kind that you would see on a roof top here in cali but a small microwave sized one you could mount on a sunny wall of your house, that way it runs on elelctricity and is backed up by the solar system…..hmmmm, maybe some research on line some homesteading sites, they are all super self sufficient and off the grid usually…I want you to be able to enjoy granola all year!!! big grin!!!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Chris keeps talking about a light bulb providing sufficient heat for a small dehydrator…

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