Holiday Season Approaching

Hey guys and gals, I’m just curious as to how everyone here handles the holidays, especially the food issue. This will be my first holiday season 100% raw and I’ll be spending it at my parent’s. They’re tolerant of the raw lifestyle but they don’t understand it, my mom will probably try to give me iceberg lettuce and look at me with pitty as they enjo sweet potatoes drenched in butter or what not. I could try to un-cook but I find it really intimidating. I’ve never tried sprouting as I’m afraid roaches will get to them (I’m really paranoid), and I dont’ have a dehydrator, so my options are even more limited. Also, how do you deal with the critizism and temptations??


  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Hi odalys—I hear you loud and clear. In two days, I am going to visit my aunts and cousins (a.k.a. land of the lasagna and baked ziti). All of them are very unhealthy and eat very unconsciously. Plus, my aunt who will be cooking “the big meal” can be very negative and very anxious. So… I dreaded bringing up the whole food issue, especially knowing that I will be dependent on other people to drive me to the market if I need to.

    What I did was to first send an e-mail to my aunt listing my food restraints and also making some general suggestions as to ways to acommodate me w/o having to fix a whole meal. Then, a few days later, we talked on the phone and figured out some good things that I could eat (nuts for appetizers, salad with olive oil, raw veggies and a baked potato for main dish, i’m bringing my own raw cookie with me for dessert). I feel good knowing that I will have something to eat, and my aunt feels good knowing that she can feed me something that I will eat. Nonetheless, I’m definitely taking a whole bag of raw nuts with me for noshing if I find that I’m not eating enough.

    As for criticism and other people freaking out….. well, my cousins already think I’m pretty strange. I think the best response is to keep it simple and keep it focused on you and your needs (don’t go into the environment and the shortage of fish supplies, etc, etc). Maybe try out a few phrases that fit for you, write them down and rehearse them to yourself so that they’re ready to go when you need them. Maybe: “This is the diet that works best for my body.” “When I eat the way that I do, I feel better.” “I think that everyone has to find the diet that works best for him/her. This is what I have found works best for me.”

    Good luck!

  • RCBAliveRCBAlive Raw Newbie

    Hello Odalys, through the years i have learned that the bigger deal i make of it the bigger deal it becomes. I bring things to gatherings that i like and that others can enjoy as well. If the conversation begins to feel like criticism i gracefully change the subject.

    to make sure that i don’t feel deprived, i I generally bring one or more of the following dishes that i love and that even sad eaters seem to enjoy as well: apple pie, sweet potato souffl

  • Thanks for the advice! RCBAlive – I hadn’t looked the the recipes on this site because I have the idea stuck in my head that to make gourmet meals I need a dehyrator and other fancy equipment. The apple and sweet potato casserole sound so yummy! I’m going to try one this weekend. I need be able to make some very yummy food so I won’t feel deprived. Istorz – it looks like you have a pretty openminded aunt! Very luck of you. I just remember I’m going to my cousins wedding next month. Lets just say last time we got talking about my veganism he made me cry. (He’s a doctor and thinks he knows it all) He’s not even going to have any vegetarian dishes at his wedding! Ok, I don’t want to go off on a tangent…

    But you’re right, I need to learn to stop getting so defensive and avoiding conflict. That’s my biggest problem, I take everything personally.

    Ok, so my plan of action is to learn how to make some DELICIOUS and easy meals. (I’m about to make the broccoli salad :) and then learn to ignore negative comments.

    I have a question though, would it be weird if I bring a dish to a wedding?? This is only my second one so I don’t know if it’ll be “appropriate” to come in with food. I think my cousin will laugh at me. Oh well.

  • Hi Odalys!

    I think it would be great if you brought a dish to the wedding. My brother had the party at my parents house so it would have been fine in that situation. I guess it depends how formal the affair is and who is in charge of the food. My mom was involved but had caterers.

    So find out who is doing food and talk with them. You could bring stuffed mushroom caps, or a little pate on cucumber slices.

    It’s good you’re thinking about all of this ahead because the stress can make your mind go blank. Just pretend you are having friends over and what you would want to fix for them- then take a few of the best ideas!

    I saw Paula Deen make an asparagus sandwich. It sutuck in my head because she used a huge amount of it between bread and that was basically it except for mayo. Noone would think she was weird- and she even said it was one of her best sellers! I saw an asparagus zuchini salad made on an italian cooking show and all she used was lemon, olive oil, and a little garlic and salt and pepper. SO it seems like some really fresh things have been around it’s just a matter of noticing.

    I’ve had raw apple pie before and it was awesome! You could have something like that around for breakfast and people would probably love it and not even question what it was all about.

    The other thing is bringing a really good dressing. People won’t turn down a good dressing usually- they are just so much better than the store bought! My thousand island was a huge hit at my moms- and I made it there with no special equipment. I got a jar of sundried tomatos that had them already chopped, cashews, pickle and green onion. I hope this is raw enough (sundried tomatoes are soo good!)

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