Vitamin B12

Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader
So I have convinced myself that I am deficient in vitamin B12 and I'd like to know the communities opinion. Probably over the last 4 months I have not always been feeling my normal, energetic 23yo self. To put things into perspective, I have been vegan for 6 months and 95% raw for 6 weeks. When I first cut out meat I felt great, when I then cut out dairy and wheat I felt amazing. But after around 4 months vegan I started to feel a lack of energy. This part is hard to explain. Mentally I am better then ever. Clear mind, no anxiety. Physically I also feel great, no headaches, no mucus, I'm a good weight and I feel like I want to do things... but my body is progressively getting more sluggish. It is mainly my legs, more and more often moving just feels like so much of a chore. They feel light. My arms a little as well. At work I cannot physically move as fast as my colleagues. They thing I'm laid back but I just physically can't at the moment. I run 20 minutes every morning. It takes a lot of motivation. I feel like I have energy to run for hours but my legs just don't want to do it. From my research about B12 this all makes sense. Apparently it effects your red blood cells ability to carry oxygen around the body, and your extremities feel it first. I also get really cold hands and feet and I'm constantly getting numb or tingling hands and feet. I NEVER had this when I ate meat. My feet and hands were always warm. Even as I write this my left foot is numb. I am currently in a cold climate but I'm inside and it's warm. Apparently a lack off B12 also effects motivation. And I feel less and less inclined to do things I normally want to do. Like cycling or hiking or even socialising. So that's the thick of it. What does everyone thing? Anyone had a similar situation? The only other ideas I've had are too much fats from nuts in my diet or not enough sun. However I have not researched these.


  • Harmony1Harmony1 Raw Superstar

    Have you tried supplementing B12? Getting cold like that does seem like it could be a symptom of something. 

  • bettykleebettyklee Raw Jr. Leader

    I know how you feel! I guess you can try eating more B12 rich foods or supplement and if that doesn't work in a month, then see a doctor. It could be your thyroid or other things too. 

  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader
    Yeah I have started to supplement. My hands and feet don't go numb as much as they did so I think it has been working. I also think I wasn't consuming enough calories on my raw diet, which I've now increased.
  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Good to hear that you've had some improvement! :) 

  • pauliasmith6745pauliasmith6745 Raw Jr. Leader

    It can be cure by adding eggs and milk in your meals. Also take prescribed medicines to get rid from this.It may also become a hair fall cause so you should care about it.

  • JanaceJanace Raw Jr. Superstar

    You should have your B12 level checked with blood work to be sure. You should also check your Iodine level as well. I know when I was consuming too much fat-healthy fat, I was feeling tired as well. You might track your fat intake and adjust as needed.

  • Matt_RawMatt_Raw Raw Jr. Leader

    Thanks, I had my blood checked, and according to the doctor, B12 and iodine and the rest were normal. My fat intake varies, usually from 6% to 45%. 

  • JanaceJanace Raw Jr. Superstar

    Matt that is great news that your levels are normal. I would recommend focusing on lowering the fat intake. 45% is really high. I know from my personal experience it is better to stay around the 10 to 15% range. You have to have fat so you don't want to eliminate it but too much can cause a host of health issues.

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