A strong but rocky start.

GillyBeanGillyBean Raw Newbie

So, about a month ago I was a dedicated carnivore with a huge junk food addiction.


I am a single mother and have been working towards living in a Tiny House on Wheels.  One of the things that needed to be figured out for that was food.  How and where to eat it, get it, store it......etc.  Then, one day sometime in the Spring I happened upon something about a Raw food diet.  I can't remember where or what but, I was hooked and that's where we (my 4 year old and I ) were headed.  I mean, I'm SO MUCH NOT a foodie.   Give me any kind of raw fruit or veggie and I'm generally happy.  At family dinners when everyone else is having their 2nd dessert I usually start picking the good stuff out of the Salad that barely got touched (carrots, celery, that juicy part of the lettuce).  .....but, meat!  Then, I saw something that said most people who "Go Raw" only go about 80%.  *bing* there was my loophole!  I could still have pepperoni and cheese and ice cream (or the like) a few times a week.  We were golden!!   BONUS!!  NO MORE COOKING!!!  .....or dishes.  I'm not sure what I'm more excited about.  LoL.


Then came the movie. I watched What the Health and right then and there I quit eating everything but plant based.  (I'm still totally addicted to Pepsi but, it's going away.  Please don't ruin my last vice...lol.  I promise I'll quit it soon.  Actually, a happy side effect of all this is that I drink way less Pepsi and way more water.....)  I'm over the moon that nothing was said about sugar in the movie.  If the sudden and complete switch had included sugar it wouldn't have gone so well I'm sure.


In my first two weeks of going raw my oldest and very dedicated carnivorous son moved back home.  My youngest (who doesn't get sick) brought a cold home froom the water park and gave it to me (who doesn't get sick).  Then wildfires started popping up all around us and I am SEVERELY SENSITIVE to smoke.  I had family from the other end of the country come visit and their puppy died while they were here.  Still.....I stayed at it.


In my 3rd week I wavered.  I needed some comfort food.  I had wonton soup and some noodles.  It was not vegan or raw but, it was good.   I had a few wontons and a bowl of broth and some noodles and I was happy.


Then, in my 4th week I had to travel.  The smoke was getting worse and I needed relief also, it wasn't good for the little man and not fair to keep him inside for half the summer.  I got an offer I couldn't resist and packed he car very hastily and left.  Raw Vegan went so far out the window that I could barely see it any more.  I had no plan, no food packed, nothing.  I decided not to dwell on it and just do my best.  I am still eating better and actually back to mostly raw and vegan.  The biggest problem right now is that I'm staying with people that are very judgemental about people who are different and I've got enough controversial battles (nomadic life, homeschooling) to fight with them right now I don't really relish adding one more.  So, I'll keep quietly being my (mosly) Raw self and see how it goes.  We'll be eating together tomorrow for the first time since my last visit.  Maybe I'll cook something vegan and bring it up.  I tried falafel for the first time the other day.  It was good.  Maybe that and some hummus.....


Anyway, that's me in a nutshell.


I'm excited to have found you (this community) and look forward to getting to know everyone.


Also, if anyone has any tips on how to convert a 4 year old short of letting him starve until he eats what I want to feed him.....PLEASE let me know.  My good healthy eater seems to have switched to super picky sugar monster just as I decided to pull the trigger on Raw Vegan.



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome! That sounds like one long and arduous summer! 

    With a four year old, I would make finger foods readily available. Or break out some of the cookie recipes on here smile There are some with some really healthy ingredients. Those ingredients just happen to combine into delicious cookies. 

    Where do you plan on nomading off to in your tiny house?

  • GillyBeanGillyBean Raw Newbie
    That's a really good idea! Thanks!! I do keep fruit and veggies readily available. I will look at some cookies!! ....and probably enjoy them myself! I intend to go from the top of North America to the bottom of South America. I want it all!! LoL.
  • Kim17Kim17 Raw Newbie

    Hi GillyBean! Homeschooling mama here too, so I hear you loud and clear! Off to check out the cookie recipes!smile

  • CatherineRCatherineR Raw Superstar

    Hello GillyBean :) One of my favorite quotes to live by is, "what other people think about me is none of my business." Always helps.

    If you're new to raw the only thing I can say is that it's thankfully so much more than just cut fruit and salads. Personally, getting a few good recipes under my belt has helped me stick with raw immensely. I use the tool, Paprika, to store all recipes and revert to them as needed. I also recommend getting the Rawtarian's recipe book because they're delicious and stupidly easy. 

    Good luck with the changes and keep us posted with how it's going!

  • GillyBeanGillyBean Raw Newbie
    Thanks! I was planning of getting that book actually. I made a "guacamole" last night. SO good!! I have a few more I'm looking forward to trying as well. The strangest thing is that my biggest craving is for a nice warm meal. LoL. So strange to think of that as a craving. Just happy to be over the cheese craving! I love that quote too and actually throw it out all the time so thank you so much for the reminder!!!
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