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I've been looking on the internet for a raw foods male bodybuilding meal plan. Preferably with grocery lists as well. I'm also definitely ready to pay for it. I've been searching the internet but had no luck. My only requirement is that the bodybuilder selling the Meal Plan looks very well built. That will give me faith that his meal plan works. I know I can probably create my own. But i'm hoping I don't have to completely resort to that. Anyway's any help would be appreciated. If someone can point me in the right direction. ))



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    Welcome! I can't help too much with bodybuilding (I'm fit, but not that fit!) but hopefully someone around here knows. 

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    Do you plan to be a raw vegan bodybuilder? I know that would be very difficult to do, since building big muscles requires taking in quite a lot of calories in the bulking phase. A raw vegan diet is not good for that at all. So I doubt that many people are doing it and that such a plan is readily available on the internet.



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    You found exactly the right place. I am a huge fan of strength training and bodybuilding - into strength training since 12 years and have been raw for 8 years. (or at times high raw, to experiment, but in the end I realised that nothing works better than completely raw).

    When I first went raw, I only weighed 60kg (135lb) at 180cm (5'11") And have since gained 20kg of muscle mass.

    Up until 4-5 months ago my focus was exclusively on strength training (powerlifting and bodyweight strength). The results of that speak for themselves: At 180cm 5'11" I weighed 80kg 176lb - at 10% body fat. That equates to a FFMI of 22, which puts me into the 95 percentile of the general population or what this website (https://www.calculators.org/health/ffmi.php) would call an "advanced gym freak." You also have to consider that this corresponds to a BMI of 24.7 - which is at the maximum of the healthy range (would not want to go beyond that, as even muscle weight is taxing for the organs, check out Dr. Bisci, a raw fooder who stopped weightlifting and the corresponding eating patterns for the sake longevity).

    A few months ago I started to put my main focus on running, stopped my longterm bulk (of a few years) and cut a little. Thus I now weigh 77 kg or 170 lb which is the ideal weight for a 100m sprinter.


    Based on your individual circumstances I can give you an individual meal and training plan. For proof, I am willing to share pictures privately. I think it's best if we discuss the details in a zoom call, would love to help you get big on raw food.

    My general approach is to first focus on a bulking phase which is more focussed on sprouts, caloric surplus, a little bit more fat and the big lifts. After that we would conclude in a cutting phase which is more focussed on bodyweight exercises and fruit. Note that building muscle is not an extremely fast process, depending on where you start you can expect to gain about 1kg per month max (When I first started I gained 5 kg in 15 weeks, but I was also fairly skinny).

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