Looking for Raw Foods Male Weight Lifting Meal Plan

everettheveretth Raw Newbie


I've been looking on the internet for a raw foods male bodybuilding meal plan. Preferably with grocery lists as well. I'm also definitely ready to pay for it. I've been searching the internet but had no luck. My only requirement is that the bodybuilder selling the Meal Plan looks very well built. That will give me faith that his meal plan works. I know I can probably create my own. But i'm hoping I don't have to completely resort to that. Anyway's any help would be appreciated. If someone can point me in the right direction. ))



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome! I can't help too much with bodybuilding (I'm fit, but not that fit!) but hopefully someone around here knows. 

  • nightsnights Raw Newbie
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    Do you plan to be a raw vegan bodybuilder? I know that would be very difficult to do, since building big muscles requires taking in quite a lot of calories in the bulking phase. A raw vegan diet is not good for that at all. So I doubt that many people are doing it and that such a plan is readily available on the internet.



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