What can I add to my green smoothies to avoid the acid reflux I develop after drinking them?

I suffer from lupus and went raw vegan three months ago. I noticed recently that after drinking my second of four daily 16 oz green smoothies, I develop acid reflux 15 min later. I've started adding new combinations of greens such as Swiss chard, collard greens and watercress to my smoothies about a month ago. I also include varieties of fruits such as pineapples, mangoes blueberries bananas. I add flax seeds or hemp hearts as well as oat bran or pea protein. I'm wondering if the fruit-greens mix is responsible for the acid reflux. I'm committed to following a raw vegan nutrition as i was told it can help reduce inflammation and other lupus-related symptoms, so your suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master
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    It could be that some of the greens are too harsh. I would suggest adding more banana and reduce the number of ingredients in each smoothie until you figure out which one is causing problems. 


  • Thanks, ClaireT. I'm looking into more alkaline and less acidic veggies and fruits.

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