Bloated stomach?

Hey! I recently became a fully raw vegan on Aug. 24 and been feeling wonderful. Though to be honest, a majority of what I've been eating is fruit (though I do incorporate my greens through smoothies when I have them). But sometimes my stomach, or more specifically my lower abdomen, gets bloated and feels really uncomfortable? I did hear somewhere that you shouldn't eat fats with sugar or something like that, because your stomach requires different enzymes to break down the fats and sugar which can cause bloating. If anyone knows more about that, it'd be helpful because I really can't remember where I heard that from or if I'm even remembering it correctly. I did have an apple with raw almond butter a couple hours ago if that helps give you insight with what I've recently eaten. 



  • JanaceJanace Raw Jr. Superstar

    You should read up on food combining. There are several really great books on this topic. My favorite book that is the most comprehensive and easy to understand is The Food Combining Bible by Jan Dries and Inge Dries. You are correct in that fat does not combine well with fruit rich in sugar. There are acidic fruits and sweet fruits. Acidic fruits combine well with fats but not sweet. You might try the nut butter on a banana because banana's are similar in acid level as tomatoes. I find that apples eaten by themselves or with greens digest best for me.

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