Hypertension on a low sodium low fat raw diet

Hello friends! Any tips for a newbie?

Two weeks ago, I started eating low fat raw vegan diet without salt, and my blood pressure is 140/85. It used to be a bit lower eating low fat no salt cooked vegan diet for two years and vegan for 12 years, but still it was higher than normal. Has anyone else experienced something similar? I have no idea what to do. All my blood markers are normal except for a very low HDL cholesterol.



  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Hi. I keep an eye on my blood pressure, but so far (fingers crossed) it has never been high. It leveled out to a mostly consistent 110/70 after I started eating mostly raw vegan.

    Have you had additional stress lately? Are you more dehydrated, or changed your water supply recently? The sodium content between various water sources can vary. 


  • DavyKOTWFDavyKOTWF Raw Jr. Leader

    You're not taking extra Calcium supplements are you? 


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