PLU # starting with 3?

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i can’t find any info on this online. i know a plu starting with 4 is conventional produce, 9 organic, 8 GMO. what is 3??? right now all the pomegranates i’ve seen are PLUs starting with 3.



  • From what I understand…..

    Plu# starting with 9 is organic Plu# starting with 8 is genetically motified (Organic and Genetically motified are five digit numbers). Plu# starting with 4 or 3 is conventional produce (Conventional codes are four digit numbers, currently in the 3000-4000 range).
  • PLU #?? what is this?

  • PLU stands for price look-up code. The sticker you find on your produce has the PLU# on them.

    examples: #4132 or #3122 – since they start with a 4 or a 3 it usually means they are conventional. #95548 – since it starts with a 9 it usually means it is organic. #86534 – since it starts with a 8 it usually means it is genetically motified.

    It helps the grocery store identify their produce. It also is used to ring your produce up when checking out of the store.

  • yes, the ‘3’ means conventional, not organic.

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