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Too raw too soon?

OK, you know I have been struggling but I did really well today. I had some kefir, the vegi rolls and a big mango for dessert. Not 1 minute after I ate the mango, my stomach began to boil. Oh yes, you know that dredful gurgle bubble noise. Now I have a runny tummy. I am drinking some ginger tea. I am not nauseated and I do not have a fever. Do you think I ate too much raw too soon? I have eaten all of those things before, just not together. A very small piece of my top lip tingled when I ate a piece of the mango that was too close to the skin. I am lactose intolerant but I can eat small amounts of yogurt without discomfort. But I had the kefir 5 hours ago. I usually get the lactose symptoms immediately. This is discouraging . Who wants to eat healthy but then worry about where the closest bathroom is when you get the trots!

v/r Down and out!


  • I’m sorry to hear that! I hope you feel better! All I can say is you probably ate too fast. You may have been really excited about eating raw and everything. How many vegi rolls did you eat?

  • it’s not always a good idea to end your meal with fruit..maybe you should begin the meal with fruit until you get more raw. at the onset of your raw journey it is best to go with more greens than fruit. chefraw.com

  • It is possible to go “too raw too soon” when it comes to detox, but your particular situation sounds more like it might have to do with bad food combining.

    Fruit, as chefraw16 said, is not the best thing to end a meal with. I’ve found fruit (especially melons) are best and most easily digested when eaten alone, on an empty stomach. You can always try supplementing with some digestive enzymes to help you out when you don’t feel like food combining though—they work wonders, IMO! (And this is coming from a girl who “doesn’t do supplements.”) :) Best of luck!

  • I only had 4 of the veggie rolls. I did not know about the fruit at the end. I will keep that in mind! Thanks!

  • Maybe the Kefir is disagreeing with you. Have you tried a vegan raw food diet?

  • It sounds like the combinations of the foods you ate might be the problem. Having veggie rolls and then a big mango is not a good combination. I’ve been studying up on food combining and it seems there are certain things that don’t go well together. Fruit and veggies for example. High acid fruits with low acid fruits. Nuts and fruit. That sort of thing. Hope this helps.

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