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RawFoodGirl here with tons of questions.  I was raw back in '06 for about 7 months.  Now back raw, hopefully for good. I'm not new to health. Have followed it all my life but resisted the raw food diet and now I see the light!  Had candida all my life and this week after a bowel cleanse and beginning parasite cleanse (done them many times before),  I've been raw for a week on Phase 1 Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine.  Feeling great!

Had to back down a bit from the above because I was also taking Essaic Herbs and it was just too much all at once. Gosh did I get detox! Could barely function, so cut out the Essaic and may add it slowly.  Just want to use a bottle or two in the beginning to get super clean.

Questions for those who know (I want to stay as close to Phase 1 as possible for a while):

1) RAW UNSWEETENED CACAO: is it on the Rainbow Green diet and can I have it on phase one?

2) SEA VEGGIES: where is the best place to get the purest? I just noticed on my package of Maine Coast dulse that       it has a warning that it causes cancer

3) COCONUT PULP: where can I order the soft coconut pulp?  I live in Montana.  I used to live in Hawaii, cut down the coconuts and had about 4 of them at a time: water, spoon meat and all!  tongue-out But I love the wild mountain wilderness of MT and spent a lot of time out there on here now and need to obtain some out off state items for the diet. 

4) MAIL-ORDER FRESHEST: sundried tomatoes, nuts and olives, etc.  I have a good health food store an hour away, but think mail order may even be fresher...need references of online stores

That's a good start. I'll have a ton more questions.  

Glad to be here!












  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome to the community!

  • RawFoodGirlRawFoodGirl Raw Newbie

    Thanks you have any answers to my questions, or can you refer me to who might?


  • The RawtarianThe Rawtarian Raw Superstar

    Welcome, Raw Food Girl!

    Congratulations on your week on Phase 1! Here are my Coles Notes answers to your questions :) 

    1) Cacao - I am not very familiar with the Rainbow Green Diet, but I say go for it :) 

    2) I use Maine Coast Dulse myself

    3) I don't have a good source for you - but call your local health food store and ask!

    4) I like

    I hope this helps a bit!

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