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We’re coming into October and I don’t think it’s too early to begin planning “RAW” for the holidays. I have a Raw Holidays class coming up that I’m teaching. I scheduled it early enough so people can plan their holidays by learning and trying (as well as practicing) the recipes before the holidays.

For people new to Raw, it’s getting close to a good time for letting family & friends know how you’ll be approaching the holidays with your Raw lifestyle. This helps both you and your family/friends prepare, not to mention setting expectations usually makes things easier.

By starting to think about it now, you have a chance to plan properly, figure out what foods you’ll make, try some great recipes in anticipation and practice them (so you can show them off at family gatherings!).

Another great reason to plan early is so you can prepare some delicious Raw foods in advance (for example: Raw desserts that you can make over the next couple of weeks). Then, you’ll have them on hand to snack on, or take with you to parties, so it helps you “stay Raw”...also helps if you need to bring a dish to pass (you’ll already have it made).

It’s so hectic in November and December that you’ll be glad you thought of all of this ahead of time.


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    I luckily don't partake in religious holidays.....even my omni boyfriend think it's grotescque that people celebrate the deaths of so many animals.....the animals' bodies as a centerpiece on a table.....even the cooked vegan food seems so out of line with actually feeling good AFTER you eat.

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