Hi everyone! Can i just start by saying how fantasticaly great it is to have a place with all you wonderful people to post my random questions to? You all are the best!! :)

anyhow – i have a friend who is going through a very very difficult time. Shes very interested in the whole raw thing, but doesnt feel the timing is right. (Which is cool by me. I dont feel the need to pressure her.) BUT she has asked me to do a raw weekend/retreat for her and Im thrilled. So what does this have to do with the title of this post? Well – her birthday is also coming up, and i wanted to put together a really nice spa type basket with organic soaps/body scubs etc.. Does anyone know if there is a particular scent that will inspire strength, provide tranquility and not be too overwhelmingly strong? She says she likes most smells, so long as theyre not too strong. I also want to put in some candles, maybe a nice meditation CD etc.. does anyone have any thoughts? I want to make it really special.. Thanks!

and thanks for being such a magnificent, brillant group of folks!

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