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How do I deal with depression?

arayyahowardarayyahoward Raw Newbie
in Family

I’ve been battling with depression for two weeks now. My dad who have been my greatest hero passed the veil and left the mortal life. I feel like a part of me is empty. I don’t have someone to talk to now, I don’t have someone who will comfort me when I’m in big trouble. I feel lost to this very cruel world. I feel so alone and lonely. I feel like the world is beating on me. I’ve been crying for days, many sleepless nights and tiring days. How do I deal with depression? I already asked for help to some of my friends, but none of them is helpful, even looked on testimonials in a foreign page about fighting depression but still, no effect on me. I need your help.


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Hugs. It sounds like you're having a rough time right now. 

    Know that things do get better. 

  • harpmomharpmom Raw Newbie

    *hugs* I'm so sorry for your loss. You are grieving and that is a natural response. It will get better! In the meantime, I suggest speaking with a counselor or therapist to help you through this difficult time.

  • Richa94Richa94 Raw Jr. Leader

    Hey arrayyahoward its very saddening to hear about your father's death, but you have to understand that death is the start of eternal life with God(according to the bible). To come out of this mental dilemma take the help of a psychiatrist they will definitely help you to get rid of depression.

  • Depression is hard. There is no easy solution other than finding people to care for to get your mind off it. However it’s still nice to have someone to just listen to what you have to say. Meditation and yoga helped me and on my bad days some CrossFit and a coffee date help too (plus a lil visit from the nice cream fairy too) hang in there you are going to be okay! And if I can help lmk!!!
  • NereasNereas Raw Newbie
    I wrote this about a year ago. Message me if you need to talk/text. They say when you lose someone, the only way to keep going is to just keep breathing. Simple as that. Keep breathing. The idea is that before long, breathing will become easier, waking up won't be such a burden and life won't seem so hard, because loss, because grief, well, they're suffocating, so if you can just keep breathing, you'll survive. There are certain times in life that take your breath away; your first kiss, your first love, your first real appreciation of beauty; and there are certain times in life that steal your breath; tragedy, loss, pain and fear. As contrary as the two may seem, they barely span a plain between them. Experiences that take our breath stop us for a moment in time and force us to re-evaluate our circumstances. They force us to recognise what we have and what we have to lose, and to be perfectly honest, both the good and the bad, these times in our lives can be paralysing. Which I suppose is why we ought to just keep breathing. There is a complex beauty in pain, for it shows us what we have, what we have to lose, but most importantly, pain tells us we're still alive. And although in times of grief that notion bares little comfort, it does eventually remind us to live. Keep breathing. And message me. Im here to help.
  • vias1vias1 Raw Newbie
    edited September 2018

    I am Via and I think I've been suffering from depression and I've been dealing with it for a few months ago. And a friend told me that have I ever try marijuana as an alternative relief then I Tried my husband gives a pot then I felt something inside me that I've never been felt before. At first, my breathing was difficult because I don't smoke but later on, I coped with it. 

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