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hi everyone, Has anyone had any luck with allergy testing? The type of testing I am referring to is the scratch test. I got this done as previously I was on an allergy elimination diet; when I challenged wheat I would get really itchy skin, to the point where eczema would form. I thought I should get official testing done, so I got a scratch test preformed. The doctor that preformed the test concluded that I am not allergic to anything, yet that same day I had extremely itchy skin and my eczema came back. I strongly feel that the scratch test doesn’t work that well, has anyone else gone through with this testing and what were the results?


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    Hi envirogenny,

    Apparently, there are two types of allergies—primary and secondary. Primary allergies will respond to the traditional scratch test, but secondary allergies won’t. In my own experience, the best allergy test is an electro-conductance test where they can actually test your meridians to find out what you’re allergic to. I’m not sure exactly how it works, truthfully, but it was astoundingly accurate. Plus, it tells you exactly how each substance affects you (ex: alcohol affects my central nervous system – if i drink it, i can’t feel my hands the next morning). I had the testing done in Chicago. Here’s their website: I don’t know where you live or what resources might be available there, but maybe if you called Wellness of Chicago, they could point you in the right direction? Plus, the scratch test doesn’t work very well, because food allergies can take up to 4 days to show symptoms in your body. If I eat sugar, I get a migraine 2 days later. So, the scratch test probably wouldn’t work for that.

    That’s my own experience. Hope it helps! Good luck! Allergies are a pain at first but they are our bodies’ way of telling us what we need (and don’t need).

  • Well looks like i have secondary allergies. I have never heard of the electro-conductance test before. I don’t live near Chicago, I’m in BC Canada so a bit far, but will keep the Wellness of Chicago in hand and may contact them about places that do that testing in my area. I didn’t know that symptoms take up to 4 days to show up. Thanks so much for all the info.

  • What type of allergy diet were you on? I will be doing my first cleanse after my cycle goes off sometime next week and will need to eat specifics (mostly veggies and sunflower seeds). I was told that the cleanse will hopefully get rid of some of the candida present in my body. Im allergic/getting really sensitive to wheat, fruits, been allergic to all nuts except roasted cashews etc. My eyes, hair, and skin itches like crazy. Its a pain in the ass and im ready to get rid of it. Good luck with your allergies also.

  • Hi, I personally don’t believe the scratch test are very reliable for food allergies. My son and I had both skin test and blood. Also had the meridian tests done by an ND here in CT. Skin tests are good for things like dust, pollen, etc. but those things bother you a whole lot less or not at all if you are not eating reactive foods. I do believe the best test for anyone is to do a few days of cleansing, juicing, water fasting, etc. Then slowly introduce foods one by one with leaving many days in between new foods and note any symptoms you may experience. If you are itching, have eczema patches coming up, etc. then that is a good sign that something you are eating isn’t good for your body. My son was covered in eczema head to toe so I know about the eczema stuff, not a fun time. If you really want to use the science side of things I think it is helpful to do the tests and if the same things keep appearing it is a good sign those foods are a problem for you but also many things that don’t show up could be issues also. So a test is just that, a tool you can use but nothing you can count on 100percent.

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