Candida and feeling weird

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Hi guys!

I went raw like 3 years ago, it lasted 3 months but i noticed that bananas and high glycemic fruits makes my tongue drier and more white in my tongue.

I was high fruit, no fat no protein at all.

Im here now because i want to resolve rheumathoid arthitis, dry mouth and thin layer of white coat inmy tongue, stomach pain every day, low immune system 2 fevers and diarrhea in the last 2 years and fat cravings. 

I think i have candida.So how to healed, where to start, i cant eat enough because il have colitis and at the end of the week eating fully raw makes it way too expensive. 

Please help, hear all of you!



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    Hi :)

    Candida thrives on sugar so I would go with less fruit, more veggies, more healthy fats. 

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    This is an older post but will post response... 


    A white tongue shows normal detox. The less coated your tongue, the clearer your system.

    Candida is a parasite and can get out of balance.


    Symptoms of an out of balance system due to parasites:


    Feeling run down and low immune system

    Bloating, stomach pain  and diarrhea


    low grade fever and flu-like symptoms

    cravings for sugar, yeasty breads, fatty foods, alcohol

    Entity issues

    Dispelling worms


    A good parasite or candida cleanse is important to use twice a year.

    There are several packaged herbal supplement programs. Google "parasite" or "candida" cleanse.


    If there is an alcohol addiction or sugar addiction, taking a parasite cleanse can cut cravings by up to 40%.

    This is because our stomach lining is the same type of tissue as our brain. When the critters are hungry, we think we are hungry.


    Brightest Blessings,

    Antonia Blue Star Energy Healer


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