Which one is better?

EeEssEeEss Raw Newbie

I want to buy the hairbrush, but there is soo many options on the market right now.  I can't make the decision and need your help.
I've found the most suitable options for me on this blog

1. Natural Beech Wooden Bristle Hairbrush
Natural Beech Wooden Hair Brush Detangler Wood Paddle Hair Brush Detangling Scalp Massage Hair Comb Organic Wooden Bristle Cushion HairBrush for Thin Normal Thick Curly Dry Damaged Long Short Hair
2.Cristalbox Bamboo Hair Brush


Cristalbox Best Natural Wooden Paddle Hair Brush for All Hair Types, Ball Tipped Bamboo Bristle, Flexible Cushion Base, for Scalp Massage, Detangling, Healthy and Shining Hair, Men and Women, 9 Inch

My only criteria is that it must be made of natural wood or bamboo (so 100% natural).

Other options are very, very welcomed!
Hope for your help and waiting for advice!


  • sammiecsammiec Raw Newbie

    It is looking fine and I hope it wouldn't break my hairs. 

  • miajacob098miajacob098 Raw Newbie

    First one is better. I also use this. 

  • david22277david22277 Raw Newbie

    1st one is better.

  • amelykruskalamelykruskal Raw Jr. Leader

    Yeah First one is better

  • cheryllspangerscheryllspangers Raw Newbie

    Experts are recommending wooden hair brushes, especially for weak hairs. 

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