Low income raw living?

Hi, I feel I need to address something overlooked, it seems, by the raw community. I am new to raw and do the best I can. I was in a car accident years ago leaving me with brain damage and seizures...hence, I'm on disability long-term. My income is $814.00 per month. With $450.00 in rent, plus utilities and phone expenses, you can imagine not much is leftover. I do get about $120.00 in food stamps per month, which although I'm grateful for, it doesn't go far. Also, I can't drive, so relying on public transportation makes it hard to get to grocery stores. My point? Most raw foodists advise buying mostly organic produce. This is out of the question for me. I eat very simply and try to be creative, but I must say that it seems that people in low income situations are never considered in the raw community. Most raw-living proponents I'm sure have good intent, many are preachy, but I just want to give a voice to a reality that's not addressed in the raw community. Any thoughts? Thank you for listening.


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    Hi! I am glad you mentioned this.... It can be very expensive with all of these extravagant recipes. I only buy organic when I can afford it. I stick to eating a lot of bananas because they are cheap. I get a lot of my fresh produce in bulk from costco  (a typical costco run includes huge bags of kale, broccoli, spinach, 6 pack of avocado, flax/chia seeds, celery and around 60 bananas). Berries, apples and oranges etc are only purchased when they are on sale... With costco there is a membership fee but they send you the money back at the end of the year if you spend a certain amount of money in the store. I eat all of the food I have already bought before buying more (even if im not in the mood to eat it). I only buy nuts/seeds when they are on sale because otherwise I wouldnt be able to afford it. I am currently raw vegan and my husband and son are just vegan. We stick to very plain recipes. I originally went vegan when I was on government assistance and couldnt work. I cant afford to buy 100% organic and I dont make a big fuss about it. Non organic raw food is much better than eating animal products or other processed foods. wink

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    Do you have room for a garden or a few potted plants in the window? It's not everything but its a start. 

    I have an endless supply of watermelon in the summer - all from some effort and about $10 in supplies. 


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    I go to my vege shop and get a box of fruit going off for five bucks! Hit up your local grocer for off fruit
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    A couple of suggestions...

    I would love someone to write a recipe book for Raw Vegans based on the income of SNAP Recepients.

    Shopping in ethnic groceries are often cheaper.

    Aldi has gotten more organics in.

    My roommate is a pro at buying produce on sale and freezing. Bananas can be cut up and frozen, etc...

    Many farmers markets take SNAP.

    Costco and Sam's Club offer better pricing.

    Get together with several friends and start a community garden.

    I have been learning about buying products that don't expire easy... Such as Santa Cruz Organic Lemon Juice not from concentrate as opposed to lemons.

    Freeze leftover Smoothies into popsicles. I often make too much and wanted to figure out how not to waste.

    Some people dumpster dive.

    Some farmers markets have produce-gleaning affiliations whereby farmers donate left-over produce. Find out who they are so you can get on the list.

    Instead of making expensive nut mylks ... use hemp or sunflower...

    Don't eat from the dirty-dozen... 

    Use a measuring spoon...

    Blessings ... keep us posted... xoxo


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    Go to your local groceries and ask for a box of fruit "seconds" I get over ripe bananas ten kilos for 8.00

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    You don't have to buy organic. You can get raw produce and still receive the benefits. You can also go high-raw and supplement with root veggies and beans. One thing I see is buying produce out of season. It's going to be not as good and more expensive. So learning how to shop intelligently is important, too. Go to various stores so you know which ones are good for what items. 

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