Caloric intake and Third eye (lengthy post)

Introduction 1.0

I'm a 26 year old male and I've been mostly fruitarian during 5+ months. I eat about 95% fruit and 5% vegetables. No nuts, seeds, algae, grains or sprouts.
I also ate some mushrooms during the 5+ month period and once cooked meal.
I also have a few supplements I take occasionally. That is Vitamin B12 in Methyl-Cobalamin form, a plant based 90 minerals solution and a seperate Iodine solution. I also get a lot of sun 

I eat bananas, mangos, raspberies, currants, strawberries, red grapes, blue grapes, white grapes, papayas, lychees, dates, figs, apples, pears, melons, oranges and likely half to a whole dozen other fruits unmentioned.

As for the vegetables, I eat much less. I seem to digest them improperly especially leafy greens.
I think the human body is that of a frugivore. Although it is my opinion, experience and self learning from other raw vegans which literature and videos told me to say this so it's my reasoning and current understanding. I know you can be very different but it is not my thing so don't suggest it for me.

Regardless I have a segment of vegetables I eat occasionally especially because I find them tasty and because it serves my sodium intake which I thought was part of my problem I'm about to discuss.

I namely eat tomatoes, celery, cucumber, carrots. Very occasionally I eat some leafy greens like lettuce and kale but I'm not sure if I'm going to do so ever again.

2.0 Before me being vegan.

Before I was vegan I was very overweight. 3 years ago I weighed 300+ pounds (136 Kilograms) My length is 6'3 or about 190cm.
Obviously I ate the SAD diet, now this makes me cry.
Before I went vegan 11 months ago I weighed 230 pounds (105 Kilograms) having already lost a lot through sports and eating lots of vegetables overall but cooked.
Today I weigh 190 pounds (86 Kilograms)

The reason I bring it up is so that you know that I likely got a lot of toxins in my body. More so then for other people due to the excess of the evil diet although I understand you can be even weightier. Especially with that weight and excess of a SAD diet I have some flushing to do.

3.0 forgetting to drink water.

Since I started eating Raw only which consisted of 95% fruit and 5% vegetables I forgot to drink water.

Me:My body didn't tell me to and I pee a lot!

I haven't drank any water for nearly 5 months while doing light sport and I thought this was normal.
After loosing my weight from 300 pounds 3 years ago I became a serious road cyclist. I've been doing this much less intensive over the past months due to the symptoms I will discuss.
I was used to doing up to 60 miles once every 2 days, now I do about 15 miles once every 2 days while doing a 4-6 mile walk also once every 2 days. Before 2 weeks ago I did so without drinking any water.
2 weeks ago I somehow spotted my error thinking about detox while reading online about methods to improve my health. A bit clumsy to my own health because how obvious can it be right?

It's a little rare to understand but I was well aware about water working as a detoxifier before that but my body hasn't had any craving for thirst during a single moment in the 5 month period.

That's because fruit is full of water. When I add up all the fruit I ate I simply gain 1/2 to 2/3 gallon of water in fruit juice a day. So I told myself I didn't need water. I thought, how could I need water while peeing that much and my body not telling me to drink?

As of now I've been drinking about 4/5th to a full gallon of home distilled water next to my fruit intake for the past 16 days which is a lot.

My water distiller also has a carbon filter to remove VOC's so it's about as clean as one can get.

4.0 Symptoms

I had symptoms and even although I drink plenty of water they still persist.
And it is directly related to a combination of sports and my current lifestyle. As for lifestyle, it is caloric intake for which I want advice and/or detoxification that my 16 day water intake has not yet flushed out.

The symptoms are lightheadedness, seeing black spots all the way up to fainting for several seconds where seizure like muscle spasms have occurred at least once.
More specifically this happens when I either sit or lay down for quite a while and then standing up.
That happens to many people on many diets but not like that ^

  1. I read this can be insufficient caloric intake. Next to exercise I definitely suffer from this. And I'm not well aware on how to kick it much above 2.500 kilocalories as the diet itself and all the water makes me super satisfied beyond wanting to eat or drink anything else plus it's expensive.
  2. I also read this can be a detoxification process. I'm 2 weeks into drinking a lot of water while being raw for 5 and a half months. Where do you think I am at in this process?
  3. I read this can be adrenal glands dysfunction which may contribute but I'm not to sure how to fix this. While requesting advice overall for everything I discuss I need it for this more specifically as I'm clueless.

5.0 What do I eat during a whole day and what would you advice?

While this can be anything I take yesterday as a example.

Morning: 2 apples, 2 handful of lychees, box of grapes and 1/4th gallon of water = 450 calories.
Lunch: Another box of grapes, box of strawberries, handful of red currant and again 1/4th gallon of water = 450 calories
Dinner: One large watermelon and 4 oranges and 1/4th gallon of water = 1140 calories.
No snacking!

450+450+1140 = 2040 while needing 2500 at least while also doing my 4 mile walk and 15 mile bike ride. I rarely eat more and usually less. Some days I eat about 1500 calories and I'm always satisfied.

This is a big investment already. Somehow the world has managed to sell people cheap hamburgers that heists the world acres for agriculture but loose bank on paying for berries that require several square feet of land per person. I'm already feeling I'm loosing bank with what I buy right now.

What is your advice for fruit purchases that are high in calories, ones that are not specifically filling that are fresh and not dried.
I would say bananas but our local supermarket bananas are sprayed with so many toxins they start to stain on the shelves and our bio markets are not to popular with the city folks around so they tend to sell overripe bananas that need to be eaten the same day while paying twice the money for it whereas I try to be advised by you all to avoid the latter.

6.0 Third Eye

This may be the wrong forum for it but such people are more likely found here. My ultimate goal is a whole holistic lifestyle with the intention to open my third eye. I thought I had it open as a child so beyond believing in it is a truth for me. Are there any such people here that managed it?

Having read this topic where do you think I am in this process? Are there lifestyle changes I forget that I actually require?
I very much wash my fruit and then rinse it in distilled water before eating and I heard you want mostly organic fruit. But I have already trouble paying for it and organic is twice as expensive so is it a must to have it organic?





  • I forgot 1 thing to mention that is very important to know but doesn't fit in to the post above so I write it here. During the first 3 months of the 5 month and 2 week period eating only raw I occasionally ate salads where I used a few pinches of salt for seasoning part of the vegetable intake I had. I understand you want salt only from plants and not in mineral form so it may relate with any of the symptoms or may otherwise help you to assist me.

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    Have you had your blood sugar tested? 

  • No. But that is a very good suggestion. Didn't thought of it since I'm not used to visit such places but it might answer whether I'm sufficient, in anything for that matter.

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