hi everyone! I have questions:)

Hello! I’ve been about 85% raw for almost 3 weeks now. I am feeling great! I have so much more energy and have lost a little weight. I was wondering if anyone has had success going raw with fertility related problems. I have endometriosis and while I don’t think it’s severe, it is affecting my hormones. I’m trying to do all that I can naturally before considering the medical route. Any thoughts or advice would be very welcome! Thanks!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Well, I am 33 and I only had one menstrual cycle per year before I went raw. After a couple of months 100% I am regular as clockwork, every month for the first time in my life, and have been for the last 1 1/2-2 years 100% raw. A miracle.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    lulushka8 – I hope it works for you too. I did Bikrams yoga aswell, not sure if that tipped the balance as it is supposed to help with hormonal things.But then again I haven’t done yoga for the last 3 months (yikes!) and I’m still regular like clockwork.

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