1st raw day menu suggestions

Hi guys

I’ve been learning about raw food for almost 2 years and now feel ready to go 100% raw. I’ve been trying to include at least 1 juice or smoothie into my daily diet for the past couple of months and am probably about 30% raw now.

Can you suggest some easy daily menus for my 1st few days.

I run long distances and am training for a marathon at present so need quite high carbs. I have a food processer and a juicer but no other equipment. Any suggestions really welcome. Thanks


  • I would suggest that what to start with would depend on what types of cooked food you are used to eating. I love Italian food, so my first week of raw, I made zucchini pasta with marinara sauce and a raw lasagne for dinners. I also got really excited with recipes and spent soooo much time in the kitchen on prep that it was a little overwhelming, so I would also suggest keeping it simple! I usually have fruit or a smoothie for breakfast, a salad for lunch (or now, leftovers) and finding a good recipe for dinner. I also went nuts with the desserts at first too!! Again, a lot of work though. Now I will make desserts once a week to sort of spread out throughout the week. Some good recipes I enjoyed the first few weeks before I had a dehydrator are the lettuce wrap tacos with walnut meat/pate, salsa & guac. Asian lettuce wraps with peanut sauce are also good – a way to make these more simple = I bought a bag of organic “stir-fry mix” and marinated the veggies to use for the filling to save on prep time of chopping veggies.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks Renoir, some good ideas there, especially the stir fry packs.. Im of on holiday for a week this sunday but am determined to go raw as soon as i get back and am looking for simple yet balanced ideas.

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