Juicing Odour Asthma Reaction??

hanaticalhanatical Raw Newbie
I live with my cousin and her husband who are both old and very unhealthy. They are exactly who I don't want to be when I'm older because they are unhealthy due to their lifestyle. They both developed diabetes, asthma and heart problems later in life. I tried speaking them out of the horribleness they're eating but that's a different topic. In the mornings or on my Prep Days I love to Juice my Veggies; Kale, Chard, Spinach, sometimes Celery and Carrots too with a bit of Apple to make it sweet. I used to only buy veggies from Sainsburys that I am sure aren't all organic as they say. I juiced early 4am and I knew they were asleep (they say they can't hear anything from the kitchen where they are) My cousin came downstairs coughing saying she can't handle the feeling this smell/odour is giving her. She can't even pinpoint which vegetable it is, but it causes some sort of asthma attack. I held the celery to her and she said it has got to be that one. Next day I then I took the celery out, she still woke up, she said it wasn't as bad as when I used the celery but it was still enough to wake her up. I went to the farmers market this time and bought Kale, Chard, Spinach and Beetroot. I left them in the kitchen and everything was fine up until they turned on the heat and the heat effected the food and BAM there again she's having a reaction and so is her husband. I feel so guilty I want to juice but I don't wanna get kicked out the house. I don't want her to tell my mother either. I don't want her to suffer but I really need to do something about this reaction and where it's coming from. There's a bit of a culture and language barrier as well


  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    That's a tough one to deal with! Maybe smoothies with frozen ingredients would release less of a smell into the air? I know it's not really the same as juicing. 

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