My husband has THE problem

We've been married for 5 years already. I love everything in our family life. He's extremely caring and patient person. But things went worse since the erectile dysfunction occurred. 
His emotional state deteriorated way beyond any acceptable line. He closed up and has no desire to go to the doctor. 
What's the best solution here. How can I help him?



  • kerrshaykerrshay Raw Newbie

    The best solution is really to seek medical assistance...assure him that that is what doctors are for and that they can surely help :)

  • SaraMotherSaraMother Raw Newbie

    Which are those things?
    I’m extremely confused now. On the one side I’m willing to take all the possible drugs, but given the malign nature of the pharmacological industry and all the consequences of drugs, I’m wondering are there any natural ways and is there at least a single effective one.
    oh man, that’s so strange.
    It’s been a few days since I figured out about this. Haven’t had the appointment yet.
    What’s going on there usually?

  • GianLowsonnGianLowsonn Raw Newbie
    edited May 2022

    Have you succeeded him in making to the doctor?
    The issue is often has the psychological layers beyond biological. And his denial of obvious need of medical help might be just the symptom of the deep psychological issue.
    It's often solvable by gaining a few "successes" in bad. He should gain the confidence afterward and return to his normal self.

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