Are Pickles RAW?

I’d like to know.


  • as far as i know, they are not because they require vinegar to make, and i believe that vinegar is heated during processing. i just made some pickles a couple weeks ago using cukes, apple cider vinegar, water and fresh dill and sea salt. as far as vinegars go, ACV is the most beneficial, even known to help high blood sugar. most raw food purists would probably disagree and say that anything that is cooked in anyway is not good. i say if you love pickles, make them yourself with the best ingredients you can. but i wouldn’t buy them from a store.

  • I would think the commercial stuff (that you get in stores) certainly is cooked; they’re processed in a “boiling water bath.” It is possible to make your own raw, though.

  • Ahh, true. Thank you. :)

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