Maple Syrup

I’m from Canada so maple syrup is something I’ve enjoyed since I was young. I’ve seen the ingredient listed in countless raw recipe books and I can’t help but remember visits to the sugar bush where sap from maple trees was COOKED for hours over an open fire to create maple syrup. Sap is virtually tasteless and has to be distilled by 40 times to get to syrup form.

I was on raw food media site and someone is saying that maple syrup is raw.It is definitely not. Here’s the link.…

(its the video in the Sports section of the guy making a smoothie)

I just thought I’d let people know…



  • Thanks a lot. I love maple syrup and one of my recipes is with it. Maybe I should change it to agave instead.

  • something else to note is that many ‘natural’ maple syrup producers use pork as a defoamer

  • What is that?

  • something i found online that explains the process better than i could…

    “The process of making maple syrup requires an agent to reduce the foam on the syrup by adding a small amount of fat to the liquid. The traditional process of reducing the foam in maple syrup has included the use of lard. Previously, local producers would hang pork fat over a tub of maple syrup and let drops of fat drip into the syrup. Others used milk, cream or butter.”

    although many producers have switched to vegetable oil or sythetic defoamers, many of the ‘old school’/traditional companies have not

  • Wo, didn’t know that.

  • Thanks a lot. Unbelievable! I definitelly have to stop eating that.

  • Gross…I’ll think twice before using it anymore!

  • I already changed my recipe,and I’m not going to use it anymore.Thank so much Nagev and fuzzyface.

  • I know that maple sirup is not raw but maple WATER is. I know that some maple farm will sell some of their water; cheaper, less caslories and an amazing smell. Ask them.

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