Hello from New Zealand

I ate 75% raw many years ago for about 2 weeks and found PMT just didn’t happen! I don’t know what happened with my raw eating those days but somehow I got distracted!

Now I am a mother of 5 and dealing with diabetes and just discovered (about 2 weeks ago) that I am definitely milk inolerant, and now I find myself yearning to eat raw again. I think my body is yearning for all those wonderful nutrients. So I have been getting into all sorts of salads the past few days, plus eating some raw treats and live porridge this morning. Really yum!

I am also overweight and have been struggling to lose some pounds. Very difficult when you are getting hypos and have to eat when you’re not even hungry – long story! Anyway, blood sugar levels are already beginning to improve and my trousers fit better,too. Here’s hoping for continued good results!


  • Hello, frugalmum. I also live in NZ. Christchurch. Where are you ? I am into my 171 day on 100 raw, but about a month ago, decided to have a couple of meals per week of anything at all – cooked. I have almost decided to return to 100 as I no longer enjoy other food! Just what I had thought might happen. I have lost 3 stone and feel fantastic ! It is such a buzz buying new clothes. I have 6 grown up children and 11 grandchildren. I am 56. If I can resist cooked food, bread, biscuits, etc, anyone can. I encourage you to keep up the good work. The benefits way outweigh any discomforts while you fight cravings.And when you achieve the results you are looking for, like me, you might try cooked food again and not even want it. Where in NZ do you live? I have yet to contact anyone else here who is into the raw lifestyle.

  • Hello Teresa! It sounds like you have a busy life! My mother and grandfather were diagnosed with diabetes 2/3 years ago and they have used diet and exercise to ensure their blood sugar levels are ‘normal’. It would be really interesting to do a study on the raw food diet and it’s effect on diabetics. Unfortunately neither of my relatives would think about being raw. sob. Perhaps trying to be healthier will mean I do not suffer from diabetes in the future!

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