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Having problems with raw food

I have problems transiting to raw food. It seems like Im always hungry so I tend to overeat, I crave unraw food ( like muffins,cookies ,fries all that junk food ), my emotions are up and down, etc. I know it is probably because Im still in detox phase but is there something that can help me ???

Is there any food that can help me control my appetite, satisfy me and maximize my energy ?

Natural products that can help control acne?

Tips to lose my extra pounds ( im 5”2 and around 145 pounds) ???

Other alternative for birth control ??

I read Natalia Rose’s book ” The raw food detox diet” and she says that cleaning your colon regulary is essential ( with an enema quit or going to the colonist once a month) but is it really !? Because I don’t see myself putting things a** !!!

Im pretty confident that raw food is the right thing for me but I think that I just need a little guidance. And I hope you guys can give me answers to my questions. Thank you in advance.


  • Sorry, don’t have too much to offer. (I’m a newbie and struggling also.) But,the one thing that I did notice is that my hunger level is much lower now that I’m off the BC pill. Hope your post generates some answers for both of us!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I have just significantly upped my greens intake and it has helped tremendously. I reccommend reading Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life . The greens really do help curb cravings and by doing smoothies you can get a tremendous amount (and fiber!) in a pt. I have suffered from cravings most of my life, especially related to my cycle, plus I’m a sugar addict anyway. There is some willpower involved at first and if you can get through a couple of days, it gets easier. I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted as long as it was raw whenever I took the plunge on 9/19. I ate a lot of nuts and I still do actually although not as much as at first. I still eat too much at lunch, but it’ll get better because I really want it to. I can’t transition because It’s too hard for me not to overeat the cooked food. It’s actually easier to just not eat the cooked food and go straight to raw. Hope this helps and good luck on you journey!

    PS I have the appetite of a horse! I was a calorie counter and I could barely stand only eating 2000 per day. I really struggled to get to 1600-1700 and stay there to drop wt. My appetite is much more controllable on raw and this has been the biggest surprise. I had read this before but didn’t believe it. Used to be once I started eating, I couldn’t stop. Now I can . It’s really weird because I don’t remember the last time in my life that I didn’t have to struggle to stop eating. Also, a good colon cleansing product will help you there.Check out Blessed Herbs and Dr Natura.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I transitioned successfulyly without putting tubes and water up my butt!! Raw food cleanses the system very well on its own.

    I find condoms excellent for birth control.

    Be patient about the acne, raw food will clear this up. Cucumber and celery juice is good for skin.

    I and most successful rawies find drinking a green smoothie every day is a good balancer.

    If you are hungry then eat more raw food. You don’t need to control your appetite, it is there for a reason, give your body as much raw foods as it wants. You will learn the difference between a craving and genuine appetite by doing this. It is safe and health giving to eat as much 100% raw foods as you want.

    Make double or triple amounts of recipes that you love and stuff yourself with them. When I first went raw I would eat a whole pie or cake every day, and I still lost weight and felt better and better. I have been 100% raw for nearly 2 years now. When I was in my first 6 months raw, I really ate a huge amount. Much more than I was eating when a cooked food eater…much much more, but that phase did only last maybe 6 months.

    Eat before you leave the house, and take food with you when you go out, and/or smoothies in screw top jars.

    Invest in a dehydrator, it will pay for itself as making dehydrated breads etc are very cheap, filling and satisfying.

    Cravings are temporary, they will decrease and disappear the longer you are raw and the higher percentage of raw you are. Be aware of what triggers your cravings, see if it is an emotional thing going on. Then you can tackle those issues with different solutions.

  • Thanks you guys for your comments !!! I’ll try to eat more greens, I tend to eat 2 much fruits at the end of the day.Mostly, my cravings come at night time , its so weird. For an example, when I come back from school or from work all I think about is to eat cookies and the craving doesnt seems to pass. ZOE, I take birth control pills ( Diane 35, wich is also an acne treatment), I know condoms are the best way to protect yourself but I don’t know if I should stop taking the pill or continue with it ?

    And I just find it hard to take the time to prepare my food when I have so much homeworks and study to do ( im studying in nursing !!). I guess I'll have to hold on lol .
  • hey there,

    my best advice is to get a juicer if you haven’t already, keep lots of carrots, celery and beets on hand, and whatever else appeals to you, but try mostly vegetables, of if you need something sweet, mix apple with carrot. the juice is very dense and will help to fill you up, also in my experience it helped tremendously with the cravings for carbs. don’t worry about eating too much in the beginning, its okay to eat til you are content, if that means eating every hour a little something, thats okay, your appetite will level out after a few weeks. if you aeating only raw you don’t have to worry so much about quantity. also keeping raw cashews around helped me alot when i got munchies, they are filling, and low in carbs.

    your skin problems will clear up if you stick to the diet, but they may get worse (detox) before they get better, so keep the faith!

    getting off the birth control will help. condoms are the best protection, but also, if you are in a long term relationship you can read up on the biorhythym method ( i believe thats what its called) basically we are only fertile for a few days a month, and if you are in tune to your body you know when you are able or not able to conceive. but use condoms as you are transitioning off the pill because hormones fluctuate alot, and it will take a while to get back to normal.

    good luck and stay way from those muffins! have a nice fruit smoothie for breakfast instead.

  • Thanks stylishchick for your helpful comment !!! Ya I’ll have to save my money to get a juicer bcuz i dont have one yet !! Ya the pill has disturbed my cycle , like before my period would last 5 dayz only and now there extended to 7 dayz !!! and im alwayz forgetting to take them loll

    Well my acne caint get worse than it was before, when i was using Proactive solution ( THis sh*t doesnt workkkk ) !! But since i stopped caring about it , my acne slowly started to go away !!!

    And i wanted to know what kind of exercice is better , when you eat raw food ??

  • melissa,

    yes, i really feel juicing is the key, especially in the beginning. keep that belly feeling full! i too have had many struggles with weight, mine are related to type 1 diabetes, and by going raw i’ve realized i have celiac disease( wheat intolerance). so i’m on a whole new path to health now. in the beginning i was dissappointed that the weight didn’t melt away as quick as i hoped, but have faith that you are on the right path. also, don’t focus on it so much, it will come off when its ready. i don’t even own a scale, i just go by how my clothes are fitting , or not fitting as the case may be. i’m happy to say i’ve lost around 12-15 pound in the first 2 1/2 months, which i think is incredible considering i take insulin and i haven’t excersized much at all. as far as excersize goes, i think easy does it at first, but everyone is different. with all my health issues i wanted to feel really stabilized before i started an intense program. also, i have to be careful of low blood sugar. you will experience a very high level of energy the closer you are to being totally raw, for the first three weeks i could barely sleep! but i also experienced some low energy points as well. assuming you are healthy, i think thing walking and yoga are the best. i guess it depends what your goals are. i’m thinking about joining curves, if you are in the u.s. they seem to pop up everywhere. the program is resistance training for people with a short attention span :) you do it 3x a week, for 30 min. and you basically do a musical chairs thing with the equipment every minute. seems like it wouldn’t work, but i know people who have lost weight and toned up very quickly (3 months) on this program.

    also i forgot to mention in my post, turn off your TV! read more, and read things that will help you spiritually, and also inspire you. the first few weeks of going raw i read alot about the raw food movement but also about all the hideous complications of diabetes, that helped me to stay away from the pizza and biscuits and muffins, etc. if you don’t have a hobby, find something you’ve always wanted to do and go for it. get to know yourself all over again, and be kind to yourself. also, don’t feel bad about spending money on equipment and organic produce, there is nothing better you can do for yourself! the longer you stay away from the bad foods, the less you will crave them. there are some really good raw treats commercially available, larabars really helped me get through the first month because i could throw them in my bag and take them with me.

  • Stylishchick: I know that sufering from diabetes is difficult. I don’t personnaly have this disease but i know a lot of people who has it. But raw food is a very good choice to make for you !! I heard that Curves was a good way to lose weight but i once considered signing up but i think it was more expensive than my old gym .

    If you guys have other tips to give me , please let me know !!!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yoga in my opinion is the best exercise to do when on raw food. It really helps the detox because it is a form of exercise which flushes out your system, it also has a strong effect on your mind, helping you to be calm, peaceful and strong mentally. It also uplifts you Spiritually. When I started yoga, my detox symptoms stopped, completely. And it made everything much more easier. I do Bikrams Yoga, not in a studio, in my bedroom, with the heater on, and his CD which has all the instruction anyone could ever need!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I do a variety of exercises, it depends on the day. Some days yoga, some just stretching, some light weights, some walking. I used to be a serious cardio person when I started eating raw. I was doing high altitude training, and using the eliptical for 1-2 hours a day. The longer I am raw, and the more raw I am, I find myself gravitating more towards gentle exercises that really celebrate how magnificent my body is and how amazingly easy it is to move now. Oh…and dancing…must dance a little everyday!

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Go spiritedmama! Yoga is the only exercise for me :)

  • spirirtedmama (or other) : If i want to lose some weight , is it better to do more cardio (1h per day)? and when i reach a healty weight to switch to yoga ???

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    Which type of yoga is good for stregnth? I’m moderately flexible but I feel best with wt lifting and walking. I also have an old power yoga tape that I like to do. I would love to get a 2 for 1 with a type of yoga that I can do to get stregnth and mild cardio at the same time. I also have to deal with a lot of stress and yoga is also best for that, too

  • i love iyengar yoga, i think its great for beginners, its a little more challenging than hatha, not as free flow as vinyasa. it really focuses on proper alignment of the each of the postures. it can be intense, depending on your teacher, the asanas are held for a long period of time, with out as much flow. i think its great because it builds a strong foundation, and then you know you are doing it correctly, from there you can move into whatever style and be comfortable in any class.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Bikrams yoga is good for everything. Bikrams formulated 26 hatha postures which are done in a heated room to rebuild his body after a bad accident. You lose weight, tone up, reform your skeleton etc. It is strenuous, but you can just move an inch in the direction of a posture and still get the benefits. It takes 1 1/2 hours, half the poses are standing and half are on the floor. It is worth taking a look at. There’s no studio or teachers near me, so I have his book and cd and I heat my bedroom up and do it in there! But really, any yoga is great exercise. People have been doing it for thousands of years because it works on every level.

    I agree with spirited mama about the dancing. Belly dancing is amazing exercise for women!

  • Just got hooked on Bikram in the last month and it is already completely transforming my body. I totally CRAVE it now to squeeze out the tissues. Intense detox though!

    For Melissa…everyone is saying greens and that is awesome but for me, increasing my fats was the only thing to keep me from cheating with cooked food. LOTS of avocadoes, coconut oil, tahini, oils. I didn’t lose much weight but it helped me get through the transition (still helping, still there) and now I can finally start to think about cutting back. You might want to choose your battles for now (weight loss vs. getting through the transition).

    Oh yeah, and CACAO beans really helped me get through.

  • Thank you all for your advices !!! But im afraid that my acne will come back if I stop taking my birth control pills ( it’s also an acne treatement)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Raw food is a cure for acne. Just go raw and let go of your pills when you think you are ready to.

  • If you’re really keen on losing weight you can do the cardio (always a good thing) but you really need the strength training to increase the amount of muscle mass. No I don’t mean making you big & bulky. The increase in muscle will burn calories 24/7. Muscle is expensive for the body to maintain; cardio only burns for a few hours after exercise.

    Strength/resistance training doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym. You can do push ups, yoga, anything that uses your own weight. Honestly, exercising using your body weight is a very good thing. It is functional in every sense of the word as that’s what you’re going to be working with on a daily basis – every time! :)

    Another thing is to make sure you eat when you’re hungry & eat enough to satisfy. I find that I eat a lot more greens & fats when I exercise, though I am not nearly so hungry as I was pre-raw! If you’re newly raw, just eating raw is enough in itself to get the ball rolling.

    If you find all you want is fruit right now, then by all means eat the fruit! Your body knows what it needs. If it says for instance,”I need a steak sandwich,” that’s a craving, but cravings are full of information! ;) Meat has a lot of fat, so try giving your body something with more fats, like avocado, or nuts/seeds or a yummy raw dessert made with coconut oil, or raw nut butter on flax crackers, or… Play detective for a bit when you get a craving & see what you can find out about what your body’s trying to tell you! :) Oh! And drink LOTS of water!!!!

    You aren’t much taller than me, btw! I am 5’2.5” & I also weigh 145# BUT I wear anywhere from a size 2 – 4 bottoms depending on the cut & material of the clothing. Poundage is somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of things… ;)

    Hope this helps!

    - Stasi

  • For excerise, whatever you feel most drawn to would probably be best. I like swimming for cardio and bellydancing. One program I would recomend for cardio is the Pace Program. It explains how interval training is the best for heart health and helps your body burn fat much more effectively. He explains in depth why doing over 20mins of cardio in one workout actually worsens fat loss.

    And if you’re interested in colon cleansing you could try an advanced version of The Master Cleanse. It’s called The Ultimate Cleanse and uses bentonite clay to help remove the mucoid plaque. Enemas and colonics don’t even touch the small intestines. You’ll probably find many of your cravings will go away after this because you’re also absorbing more nutrients with a cleaner digestive system.

    I agree with Kauaigirl about the cacao! Try Shazzie’s book “Naked Chocolate”.

  • Thanks Raw_Chocoholic and Anastasia Alston for your comments, they are very helpful !!! I just signed up at my local gym and they have yoga classes, cardio/musculation/resistance classes, its so fun !!! Ya i guess my digestive system needs a gooooooood wash !!! I’ll try to do the salt and water technique , and ill make a little research on the Ultimate Cleanse ( seems interresting)!!

    If anyone have others comments or tips, don’t be shy !

  • I was reading this thread, the only advice I can give is live according to natural hygiene and most everything will be resolved. BTW – I was born in Montreal, bonne chance!

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