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warts -- advice?

lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

Hi everyone,

I have a wart on my finger that has been there for more than 2 years. I keep hoping that my change in diet will make it go away…. but so far, no luck. What do people out there know about warts? Any dietary changes I could make? Any herbal/homeopathic supplements? It’s not the cosmetic part that bothers me as much as the fact that it actually hurts, especially at night when I’m falling asleep. ??? Thanks for your help!


  • I had a planter’s wart that I had a dermatologist try to “burn” off using dry ice for almost 1 year! After searching some holistic sites, I found that putting tea tree oil on the wart and covering it with duct tape for a number of days worked!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Great! Thanks so much SS & Markies! I tried putting crushed garlic on it a few months ago, but that didn’t do it. It looks like tea tree oil is the way to go—and luckily, I have some on hand.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Crushed garlic taped to the wart (without letting air in) worked for someone I know. They did it for a less than a month, every day, all day. Later, another wart grew on the joint of a pinky finger which is difficult to tape… so, believe it or not, after he had scrubbed the floor on his hands and knees with pinesol, it went away! The wart wasn’t scrubbed away… so, he thinks it was the pinesol.

    I’ll have to recommend the tea tree oil to them. Thanks for the advice!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    Wow—lots of interesting suggestions! I’m trying tea tree oil with a band-aid first, then I’ll move on to castor oil and pinesol…. Thanks again!

  • I took wild oregano oil orally [3-5 drops each morning] for a few weeks or so for other health reasons, and then realized that the wart on my food which had been there for over a year was gone. I was really happy. Oregano oil can do amazing things, just make sure you get a high quality brand!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    hmmm…. i will pick up some oregano oil this week and add it to my regime. what else is oregano oil good for?

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    oregano oil is anti-viral.

    I took it during flu season for two years….I took it when people were sick around me. This was before I learned about raw foods, so I haven’t used oregano oil in years.

    P.S. Why exactly does the wart hurt? I thought they didn’t.

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    hi all -

    i have been putting a mix of oregano oil and tea tree oil on my enormous wart and i will definitely keep you posted! :) by the way, can you take oregano oil internally? would that help the process?

    germin8—i don’t know why it hurts, but it does. sometimes it hurts if i wrap a band-aid around it, even if it’s not that tight. like i said before, it often hurts when i am going to sleep if i put my hand palm down under my pillow (it’s on my palm on my forefinger). i need to research more, i think…. maybe this is NOT a wart! yikes.

    thanks for all the advice!!

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    okay… yep… i just did some research and it IS a wart—a “common wart” in fact….. supposedly they don’t hurt, but i suppose there is always an exception…. back to my oregano/tea tree oil.

  • Put bananapeel with the yellow side out on it and hold it in place with bandaid :)

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yes, I took oregano oil internally. A couple drops with very little water per day during flu season. Check the label, I don’t know if they sell oregano oil for topical use only.

  • hannahmariehannahmarie Raw Newbie

    i’ve also heard banana peel works. my brother tried it years ago, i can’t remember whether it worked for him. :/

  • I used a potato peel under a band aid and it fell of in a week. change it every 12 hours or so.

  • lstorzlstorz Raw Superstar

    fascinating! i’ve been using oregano & tea tree oil for about 4 days now, and i’m amazed by how much the wart has gone down already. it has shrunk to about half its size! i’ll definitely keep you all posted… :)

  • As a result of damaged skin from eczema, I had warts since I was 8. Hundreds on hands and feet. At 28 I was told about garlic oil supplements. I took it at maximum recommended doses and hundreds of the warts faded away. Note: It must be garlic OIL the oil must be the STINKY kind. The “odorless” form of the garlic oil doesn’t work as the active ingredient is missing. The stinky skin didn’t last long. Even my collegues and my hubby don’t notice when I’m taking it now. I only have a few warts left. I figure that they must be a different strain since they didn’t disappear like the others. I’ll try the oregano/teatree mix and see what happens. Oh, and special note to Istorz… some warts do hurt – especially the recessed ones when under any kind of pressure or even for no reason at all.

  • southernloversouthernlover Raw Newbie

    My husband had a wart 2 months ago growing on his forehead (uuck!). He put duck tape on it for a few days, and it went away, but it grew right back a couple days later. (He also had 2 warts on his fingers.) Well, we went raw for 3 weeks straight, 100%, and now all his warts are completely gone. It was crazy.

  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Rub garlic on it for a few days. It works for me!!

  • Two years ago, I managed to grow a massive plantar wart right on the pad of my big toe. (I can’t remember which foot it was on, because there isn’t even a scar now.) He was a really painful sucker, especially when I went running, and I ended up injuring my hip because of the odd way I had to position my foot. When he started sprouting vile little copies of himself, I decided I’d had enough, and I tried the banana peel approach. I just cut a square out of every peel before I threw it away and band-aided the inside surface to my toe. I can’t remember why it’s supposed to work—something about potassium, I think. That’s probably why some people can do it with potatoes. Anyway, the peel shriveled and turned black in less than an hour, and when I took it off, Mr. Wart had become soft and translucent. I almost felt sorry for him. Regardless, I kept strapping peels to him whenever I remembered. I wasn’t very consistent (it simply isn’t in my nature), but the thing never seemed to recover after a round with the banana. He dissolved little by little—it sort of tickled—and he eventually turned black. Then, I pulled off my sock one fine afternoon and found a shiny pink spot where Mr. Wart was supposed to be. I later found him in that same sock.

    I hope that helps. My hands used to sport their share of warts, too, and I know what you mean about hurting at night; they used to twinge terribly and I couldn’t sleep. I wonder why that is? If none of these topical treatments seems to work, try cutting at the wart a little, so something can actually get in there. Good luck!

  • I had a friend who had bad warts on her big toe and she was going to get them lasered off but the doc said it would cost 1500 bucks and hurt. She said she used something called Toe Juice and in two or three weeks it was gone. That was about a year ago. Just food for thought.

  • akshayvakshayv Raw Newbie

     I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and was given some insoles by my podiatrist. The insoles did not work in all my shoes and I got blisters on my heels. I was in a lot of pain and could not exercise or even go for a walk. I saw an ad for orthofeet shoes online and I was interested. I was so excited to get my pair because of all the great reviews and I was hopeful that they would work for me also. From day 1 they were amazing, so comfortable, no pain when walking or exercising. My plantar fasciitis has even improved and now I am interested in trying different orthofeet styles not just for exercise.

  • rhondamrhondam Raw Newbie

    Apple Cider Vinegar.  Soak a piece of cotton (the end of a qtip is generally a good amount).  Apply it to the wart and wrap with tape/bandaid (sports tape is better b/c the bandaid will unstick from the vinegar liquid.  Wear overnight or a few hours at a time.  Do this for 2-3 days in a row. Then give it a break to dry out. As it dries out, it will turn black and fall off.  Depending on how long you have had it and how deep the wart is will have an impact on how many cycles you will have to do.  Planters Warts (on feet) take longer than one on your hand.  

    I treated my planters wart, off and on, for several months (mainly b/c I had to walk on my feet and when it's painful it's hard). I also had a new wart that showed up on a finger...that one fell off in just a few days. Very fast.  

    I have not had a wart in 2 plus years.  This method really works.  Google it for more details. 

  • For those suffering common warts, try Mintree Melt. It is effective. Remember to apply a bandage after putting the product on the skin.

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