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I think I must be missing something…I do not see a place/link to print recipes. As a consequence I end up wasting 2,3 and sometimes 4 pieces of paper (and ink…) because the print function prints everything. I do not want to print the comments….I just want the recipe. Please tell me if I am not seeing the “print” link. If you do not have one….could you PLEASE make one???? Alot of web pages have a link “print this recipe” or “printer friendly version” I really hate wasting the ink, paper and time having to sort through the pages to get to the great recipes for my binder.


  • I second that request! I usually have to set my printing settings to do two pages on one sheet of paper, thus using less paper.. but i’d like to have a printer friendly one without ads and/or the extra stuff that just wastes ink.

    Also, this is directed toward the creators of the site as well.. but will we be able to upload our own pictures for different recipes soon? It’d be really great to see a few different versions of one recipe.

    And of course, it’d be great to be able to personal message a goneraw member.. :]

    Looking forward to hearing what the scoop is!

  • I usually just copy and paste into a text program and print from there…I find that I can highlight everything except the recipe name so I don’t grab any images. A printer-friendly recipe layout would be great though, save me a step.

  • You’re right, we’re missing a nice “print this recipe” feature. It’s on our to-do list!

  • Yeah! I’m glad to hear it, Ray. I’ve been doing the copy and paste method, too. But it will be so nice to have a print feature on the site.


  • When I print from my browser, I usually choose print current page or print page 1 instead of selecting print all. But there are still headers, etc. Sometimes the margins are off though and I miss a little bit of text. (I also print them up on the laser printer at work instead of wasting my own ink at home!)

  • Just to quickly follow up to this request – we did sort out recipe printing, and it works great now. See this post for more details.

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