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Doug Graham in the UK

Dr. Graham is having a presentation in the UK at the end of October.

Maximum Athletic Performance (M.A.P.) Pulborough, West Sussex U.K. Pulborough Village Hall October 27-28 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Go here to get more details and register: http://www.foodnsport.com/joomla/


  • Do you know if there will be copies of his 80/10/10 books for sale there. I cant seem to get hold of one here?

  • I saw him here in California and there was the full library of all of his books and videos available for purchase. I assume the answer is yes. I am not sure if you know this but Doug’s wife is native to the UK and he spends most of the year living there.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Really?! But it is so hard to get good quality fruit here, especially in the winter. There just are no ripe tomatoes or other fruits for months. Blimey, that is very surprising. It is what makes me think 80/10/10 is nigh on impossible for UK or people in other colder cliates.

  • I’ve only been eating 80/10/10 for 6 months, but that has not been my experience. Sure, there’s a wider variety available in the summer, but as most of the fruit on supermarket shelves are imported from warmer climates there’s always something available. I’ve never had a problem getting ripe tomatoes, and organic bananas, apples and oranges are available year-round. My organic delivery service are currently sending me delicious plums, grapes, kiwis & pears. If I want to go non-organic, I can get fresh, ripe cherimoyas, pomegranates, persimmons, papayas, guava, figs, passion fruit, lychee. It’s not winter yet, but I don’t remember empty fresh produce aisles in the past.

    Having said that, Doug will be in Australia in november, and routinely spends New Year + 3-4 months in Costa Rica for his fasting event. Sunshine plays an important role in our health – for synthesising vitamin D and improving calcium uptake. I aspire to live 12 months a year in a tropical environment, but for now I make do with the fresh, ripe, organic food that’s on offer, dress warmly and catch whatever sunshine is available.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Well, the aisles aren’t empty, but the stuff that they do have is sold unripe and it goes bad before it ripens. It must be different where you live, but up here in the North West it is nigh on impossible to get any decent fruit from November till Spring.You used a link to Waitrose, the nearest Waitrose to me is 20 miles away.

    I’ve been raw for nearly 3 years, it’s the same every year. We scour every supermarket and market looking for good tomatoes, pears, lemons, avos, strawberries, etc…

    Can you give me any resources like the organic delivery service you take which provides you with ripe fruit all year? as I said before, I have not been able to find anything/anyone who will deliver in the North West.

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