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I have been adjusting to my new work schedule, which is in the evening. This gives me time to workout during the day. Problem is, I am soooooo hungry after I work out. I want anything WITH BREAD! I have been getting veggie subs like crazy from Quiznos.

Does anyone else work out? What do you eat afterwards that feels “heavy” and staves off the hunger pangs?


  • Lara Bars or Tahinin milk shakes with banana and carob.

  • My husband is a top sporter, meaning that he is no average person when it comes to sport. It is an athlet and he also experiences a lot of hungrines after working out intensively. When he comes home, he needs his shake!! and this leaves him satisfied for about 3 to 4 hours. It is a very large glass he drinks (about 500 ml). His shakes always include a type of nut, usually something heavy like macadamias or cashes, at least 6 large dates, and two different kinds of fruits. About your craving I would like to say I had for a very long time, specially when detoxing and after that for about 6 months, a craving for bread. I was explained that because bread is a fermented product with yeast, it produces alcohol in your liver. If you eat bread everday, it is equivalent to be drinking everyday. So, when detoxing and on a transition diet into raw, you are getting rid of the alcohol and your body is asking for the drug. If you are patient, it will go away. If you are not completely into raw yet, you could probably make yourself some yeast free flour soft tortillas. If you are into raw completely, then use nori rolls as a substitute of bread. In any case, do not give up to the craving of bread because then your body won’t give it never ever up. This is based on my experience and gained knowledge on this are.

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    Check out Dr. Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 diet for people who are more physical. 80% carbs (fruit), 10% protein and 10% fat. It is based on nutrient dense calories. Fruit and nuts are a bad mix according to Dr. Graham because the sugar stays in your blood too long.

  • Just a note, I know there are many different points of view about combining or not raw food and even using condiments on a raw diet… That is why it is good to share info and read all the material so you can make an inform decision and try out what best works for you. According to the Natural Hygiene, nuts are also fruits and they can be combined with fruits. This holds also ok for more active people. My husband cannot go without nuts, and I would not recomend him doing so because his level of activity. His body ask him for them and he gets them. Nuts take 3 to 4 hours to be completed diggested and assimilated by your body. When you combine them with fruits, it will take the same. Fruits gets diggested in about 30 minutes, 60 for a banana. That is if it is raw, not condimented and correctly combined and if your intestine are healthy and not fermenting food (sign of poor food combination,sickness and/or eating fermented foods). Yes, I do beleive the combination of nuts and fruits is a “heavy one” but of that being an issue for staying long in your blood…. well, I do not see how according to the Natural Hygiene. If your sugar level is longer higher in your blood, then you won’t be hungry sooner, or not? when you eat a combination of fruits and nuts, you should not have food again for at least 3 hours. That is also one of the food combinations and principles of the Natural Hygiene view, a raw life style according to this view.

  • jirizarry, is there a specific book or books you can recommend on Natural Hygiene? thanks!

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    Actually, Natural Hygiene suggests eating fruit alone, mainly at breakfast. The high level of sugar and fat combination in the blood can lead to candidiasis and diabetes.

    cc78. Herbert M. Shelton was a promoter of Natural Hygiene. He wrote 9 books. You can get lots of info. about him online.

  • Thanks for all of the suggestions! ;-)

  • Ok, well I don’t know how this works with all the food combining rules, probably not too great. But, I run 3-6 miles most days and I do a pretty intense weight lifting workout a few days a week. When I do this, I have my absolute favorite shake afterwards. Sometimes it’s what gives me motivation to work out ;) I get in the house, cool down with some stretching, shower, and by then my body is ready. I would suggest not eating too closely after a big workout so that your body has time to process before beginning digestion.

    2 frozen bananas (or 1 frozen, 1 fresh) 2 mangos scoop of raw honey small spoonful of maca spoonful of hemp seeds dash of alcohol free vanilla dash of sea salt scoop of raw almond butter (I don’t always add this, depends on if I’m watching my calories, but it makes it taste better) sprinkle of bee pollen

    Seems like a lot, but when you get used to making it, it becomes second nature. I adapted this from Raw Food, Real World…LOVE IT!!

  • sorry, my post didn’t come out the way I typed it, all the ingredients ran together.

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    Here is a link to a great workout recipe: frozen vanilla bliss.

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