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Hi guys, does anyone else get uncontrolled cravings for cooked food? I get craving really horrible things like cereal! And not crunchy granola either. Special K, which in my opinion is pretty much like eating the box it came in! Anyways, does anyone have any tips/ides of how to stay raw and beat these nasty cravings? I want to try 30 days of 100% raw, but I can’t get over the cravings! HELP!!! I find that I binge on “bad” foods (lots of carbs, breads and cereals). I also have had an eating disorder in the past anorexia and bulimia. That is why I went raw in the first place, but those old demons return much too frequebtly. Any thoughts, ideas, comments, would be much appreciated!


  • How about finding some foods for ‘raw binges’? Sounds as if some good ‘raw binge’ candidates for you would be flax crackers and cookies (buy a dehydrator if you don’t have one). I ‘raw binge’ sometimes! Example – I made a batch of Alissa Cohen lemon/poppy cookies last week. Ate the whole lot by myself in a morning. The yummiest flax crackers (as not all are good…) are in my opinion the herb and spice crackers in ‘Real Food Real World’ (Kenny and Melngailis) This is NOT the ideal raw diet, and most of the time I am less greedy, but…raw binges are better than cooked binges!

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    I,too have a horrible cooked food addiction and spent the 2 wks before I went 100% raw binging on pizza and all kinds of junk and sweets. I find I can’t transition slowly because I can’t quit eating the starchy carbs. When I decided enough was enough, I did alot of green smoothies and allowed myself to binge on raw stuff and I found I ended up eating alot of nuts. It took me a couple of weeks to make some crackers but they helped tremendously with bread cravings. I eat them with my salads. I still get cravings, but not nearly as bad as before. I still eat too many nuts but those cravins are slowing down also. I still have trouble controlling myself with the raw desserts so I don’t make too many. So far I’m feeling wonderful and very connected. I didn’t really comprehend or understand this when I would read about that in the books or in the posts. It has been so long since I felt really alive and connected to the world and other people. I managed to come through a pretty severe depression by cutting sugar from my diet a few years ago and using 5-HTP and it helped alot. I had back slid in the past 6 mo. with my diet. This, though, was nothing compared to how I feel now. I can’t say I don’t want the junk now but the obsession with it has gone. The other thing is that when I have a raw binge I’m not sick-can’t even bend over- full. I’m just comfortably full. Good Luck on you journey to 100% – You will feel amazing

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