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Ok, I couldn’t resist just a quick hello. I’ve been enjoying this website for a few weeks now and I just had to share.

I am a Mom of soon to be three year old twins (a boy and a girl). They keep me pretty busy every minute of the day!

I was very passionate about raw for a year and then this last summer I went through a lot of emotional struggles on my dietary path. (I hope that makes sense.) While so many people want to eat 100% raw, I was eating 100%, but frustrated that I was becoming a social outcast from my friends and family. I actually wanted to start being more flexible with my choices at the appropriate times. So, I went off of raw and started fresh.

Now, I’m pretty much eating majority of my food raw, I try to eat all raw except one meal a day. And I’m just observing what it’s like.

I like this site because it seems like everyone here is just having fun eating good raw foods and not stressing over minor non raw moments! That was driving me nuts in the past. Oh, and the recipes being shared are wonderful! Thank you.

Ok, that’s enough. It’s fun to share and I love to be part of this path.

Good night. Debbie


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi Debbie, Welcome to Gone Raw!

  • Hi Debbie, That’s what I love about this site too. I have plenty of days when I fall off the raw wagon, but I always come back to it, and I never feel guilty. I guess because I don’t look at this like a diet, but as a way of life. Even though I can’t always eat 100% raw (or 50% some days) I’m definately healthier now than ever before.

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