Excited about being RAW!!!

It is day 12 for me being raw!!!

I am excited about this decision, and feel it will be best for my health. And, I am having fun learning something new, sprouting, wheatgrass growing, juiceing ect. I did have a weird thing happen when I juiced for the first time….I was juicing oranges, six to be exact, and made a glass of oj for me and my husband. half an hour later I almost passed out! I suddenly became very dizzy and had to sit on the couch for a bit. I ate some raw almond butter and felt better in about 20 minutes.

Currently I am in detox mode which is good and bad. I feel shakey, light-headed, and even numb at times. I have had a slight headached off and on for the past week. And, I am breaking out like crazy which is the worst! I open for suggestions on natural hygeine.

I don’t feel food (cooked) cravings, so I don’t think I will slip up anytime soon. I just have to tell myself that I should not put anything on my body that I wouldn’t put in it! I was a user of Proactive for the past 5 years! My husband actually hid it from me a few days ago.

Any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!


  • It will all, your symptoms, go away eventually. Hang it there. It is just like flu, it will go away. I am just fasting myself, water-fasting, I was experiencing all these and even stronger. Strong sweeting and shaking, but if I stayed in bed, I have the luxury of doing that right now, then I felt better. I have been sleeping better and more hours, despite the symptoms. so, hang in there. I know, out of experience, is for the best. Remember that your body is in house cleaning mode and it will be as long as it needs to get rid of accumulate toxins if you stay in detox mode. Dizzines and passing out is normal and if you are having that, then you should go to bed. Try water-fasting in between, as for example, 48 hours water-fasting, then one fuit meal, then 24 hours or 48 hours fasting, then one fresh fruit meal and so so. this will spead up the house cleaning and you won’t be in detox mode for too long. You could try this approach for about 4 weeks and you won’t experience so strong symptoms. At least that is my experience and what I learn from the Natural Hygiene course I once followed.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Sounds like a sugar crash to me, actually. I mean what you described with the orange juice. It isn’t always detox, these symptoms. Other than that, good luck to you. I didn’t have any cooked cravings either. Does this feel like so much fun?

  • Thanks jirizarry, I’ll have to try that idea. Right now I feel like the acne/sneezing monster – or some kind of creature that scares little children. I would like to get detox over sooner rather than later.

    Speaking of acne, does anyone know how to avoid getting acne scars?

    Julie, if you can correlate the shakey feeling with eating fruit, you might want to try eating it with some greens, or maybe a raw bread so slow down the absorbtion of the sugars.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Julie: I would have the same reaction to drinking a bunch of orange juice (actually, any fruit juice other than a watery watermelon drink). I bet you’d feel much better with a green smoothie.

  • I do not know how strong your acne marks are, or if you are asking how to avoid them at all, but I can tell you this. Acne, seborea and dematitis was a big problem to me for years than only worsened. After that 6 weeks fresh fruit detox I did back in 2002 followed by 3 short water fasting with only the minimum amount of fresh fruit meals in between, my face cleared out completely. After 6 months of this, I went to visit my relatives and they could not stop complementing me about my skin and how whatever I was doing cleared my face completely. I did not have holes scars in my face, but I did have marks. After that detox, I also spent 3 weeks on vacations on the beach and I sun tan regulary without sun-tan and progressively with an umbrella always, sun will come thru, I know it is controversial but sun tan is really worst than good, and my face looked like a baby face! My relatives coments was you look like a 19 year old and I was 28 back then. I do not know if you know or have heard this, but acne is also a violent reaction and an emergency reaction of getting rid of toxins, she uses its largest organ to get rid of toxins quickly, the skin,

  • I don’t have scars currently, but my whole face has broken out from detox. I just wanted to make sure that I didn’t get any scars from all of this. Perhaps washing my face several times a day would be the best help then. Sun isn’t going to be much of an option here in Vancouver until spring. Maybe facial saunas would help also.

    About the sugar though, if you are going to eat fruit by itself a smoothie would probably be better than jucing because you’ll have the fiber to lower the chances of highs and lows.

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