Hallo everyone

My name is Eliza. My raw percentage varies from day to day but I would like to be 100% or as close as possible.

I have recently started classes with University of Natural Health. The book I am studying now is “Food Combining Made Easy” by Herbert M. Shelton.

I am planning to do a phsyiological rest, a fast. I just stopped taking my meds (abilify, zoloft and lamictal) so I want to detox from them. There is a quote in the book which seems to especially apply to my situation: “they find themselves growing daily worse while resorting to drugs and resort to larger and larger doses or to frequent changes of drugs” (p. 61).

Eating has been a problem for me my whole life. One of the reasons I want to fast is to lose weight. However when I fast I get depressed and crave all the SAD foods. Then I eat and feel really bad. I think I have an ED (eating disorder). Does anyone else have this problem?

As Salaamu Alaikum to all fellow Muslims! I am a new Muslimah so this has been my first Ramadan. I have not done well with my fasting. I still have a lot to learn!


  • Well, I come from the same “school” as what you are studying righ now, that is Natural Hygiene. I hold a Certificate in Natural Health Consultant in Natural Hygiene. I am very happy for you that you are learning the tenants of food combining by Herbert M. Shelton, pioneer or I think even the father, of Natural Hygiene. Depression is part of it. Craving confort foods, which proves you, as most of the people, have been an emotional eater without knowing it is part of it. You are depriving your drugged body from its drug of choice. My drug of choice was cooked food too and I did not know it until I fasted. You know why, because your body is addicted and drugged. You go thru similar symtomps as an drug addict when detoxing. I also had depression, but becuase I knew it was part of it, I just had patience with my body and the detox. The best thing you could do, if you are planning to fast, is this. I tell you out of experience. I first detox myself for 6 weeks with only fresh fruits with high water content. So, no dates, no bananas, no mangos, mostly citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, grapes, everything that is not concentrated. No fats, so no coconut, no advocado, no salt, no condiments, no added sweeteners, just pure whole fresh fruits, and I avoided fresh pressed juices at this time. Then, I water fasted 3 times, 2, 3, 2 days and still ate only fresh whole fruits in between. After this I was knew, clean, perfect, still a bit weak but that is part of it. The weakness dissapeared later on after incorporating raw vegetales and taking a 3 week summer vacation at the beack sun tanning every day. Physiological rest is the best way for the body to heal, but if you have not detox in fresh fruits first and you are very toxic, you will get violent symptoms, I know out of experience. You need to prepare for that or detox first to get rid of some of the toxins first.

  • That is a good idea. Kiwis, strawberries, and grapes are some of my favorite fruits. I would also lose weight on such a plan. Thanks for your reply.

  • yes, you will lose wait and don’t worry if you losse to much and you get a bit overweight. that could happen but once you gradually incorporate raw vegetables, nuts, coconuts and advocados (with moderation) your body will get weight and itself will tell you what its ideal weight is. Before I fasted, I was 106 pounds. After the detox, fast and then a raw diet, not overeating of course, it stays in 98 pounds. I have never felt better and look better in my life. Any single pound over 98, starts to feel bad, heavy and a bit sick. That is my case. By the way, to put my weight in context, I am 5’2” tall. Your welcome.

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