So happy to be RAW

Hi everyone. What a blessing this site is. I have already made 4 recipes from this site all excellent by the way!

So here is my RAW CONVERSION STORY.In 1998 I was diagnosed with Chronic fatigue Syndrome & Fibromyalgia. I was a young women working in corporate America who had alot going for her. The onset of my illness brought all that to a halt. I had to stop working 100% and that was scary considering I was a single mother to a young 3rd grade daughter at the time ( She is 16 now).

I knew a bit about alternative health ect but I did not understand it really. I got the opportunity to go to a fasting clinic (TRUE NORTH HEALTH CENTER) in 2000. I fasted there for 36 days on water only. I felt great after the fast. I tried to go vegan at that point. While at the clinic I purchased a book by Elaine Love simply for the Vegan recipes I did not understand what being RAW really meant. When I got home I purchased Julionos RAW book. I still did not go RAW at that point b/c even though I was vegan I did not UNDERSTAND RAW. Eventually I stopped being vegan. Simply b/c it was easy to eat frozen dinners most nights b/c I was so sick. I know now that it was making me sicker!

Fast Forward to 2005 and I had gained over 100 lbs. When you get sick you dont move. Also I was too sick to cook properly for myslef and after years of these two things I gained alot of weight. I knew that fasting/veganism and RAW where a better way for me but I just did not know how to apply it. Finally in Spring of 05 I read the book Natures first law: The Raw food diet by David Wolfe & his friends. I GOT it finally. I tried raw for a week then stopped. I did not have ANY of the equipment I needed and was trying to live on salad alone ..HA. I tried again in Jan 07. I got the equipment and did not use it. Why WHO KNOWS? It all seemed so strange to me. My health was getting worse.I was trying every way to lose weight and nothing work. I knew I had to go RAW but like a stubborn child I refused …I kept trying to find another way. I finally surrendered to my destiny in September of 07. I began making videos about my Raw Journey on youtube and spreading the word this is the WAY to eat. The only thing that is different this go around is a paradigm shift I had. I realized I either was 100% RAW or I wasn’t. I took the word TRY out of my vocabulary and made a real commitment to lose all the extra weight I am still carrying and to heal myself of Fibromyalgia & CFS. This is my destiny and I surrender to it with JOY. I want to help others see the RAW light too.

My 30 day RAW bday is On OCT 12th. So far I have lost weight , my mood is better and my pain has decreased two fold. My fatigue still lingers but I know with time my body will heal itself.

Thanks for reading this LONG post.



  • Congratulations on making such a powerful life change! Most people have stops and starts, such as yours, but I think that can sometimes make us appreciate success even more. Good to hear that your health is improving. Continued success!

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie


    Read your long post now, probably years after you posted it. So touched, how's it going these days? what is the progression on your health?

    Bit about me: I was raw nine years ago, in 2002, for 8 months. Although I always believed it the healthiest way to eat I started eating mainstream again. At the beginning of this year, 2010, I saw a raw recipe book and thought there's no reason not to eat raw if I want to so passionately.

    So, what benefits in eating raw have you found recently?

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    Hey, i was also diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, i went vegan and used many great herbs such as the adaptogens to heal myself.

    Good luck

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