Hi all!! I need your help ! I’ve entered a RAW RECIPE CHALLENGE and to my surprise I accually have made it to the semi-finals!! The highest number of votes per catagory wins and I’m in second place, so far , trailing by 68 votes. My desperation is… that the winner walks away with a CHAMPION JUICER!! I’ve been raw almost 3 years and I am so ready to add a juicer to my RAW kitchen. Not to mention how great it would be in teaching the raw classes. Heres my request.. Please click on the link below and vote by clicking on the 5th star just below the picture of my recipe”ITS GONNA BE A GOOD MORNING” cacao shake. I would be so greatful for all your votes! Oh the voting closes Monday March 5,2007 9am M.S.T. ((Its crunch time)) Thanks again and I’ll let you know what happens. ps This is a winning recipe …. try it , you’ll be hooked!!…


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Hi RAW-vitalize: Voted for your recipe. You might consider also posting the recipe with a description and link to the content right in the recipe description. This would get your recipe on the home page, which would get lots of people seeing it, even those that don’t always read the forums. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your vote and advise Kandace! I’m pretty sure I didnt win this round…but thats ok. The recipe challenge got me out here and I’ve learned alot in the process. Maybe next time, I sure have enjoyed cruising your enteries. Some great recipes out there.Looking forward to trying them! tata

  • HI RAW-vitalize. I liked very much your shake,and I voted for you as well 2 days ago. Hope you post your recipe as Kandace said,on goneraw. Keep on going,don’t look back,keep on going.Very good shake,great! I’ll make it tonight.

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