Raw in Sacramento, CA?

I will be moving to Sacramento at the begining of the year. Wondering if there are any health food stores or raw restaurants I should check out. Also looking for a job! :) Thanks!


  • Don’t know of any restaurants but I just drove up to Sacremento on Monday and picked up my new dehydrator! Excalibur office is right there in Sacremento and that might be a good place to work. They were very nice.

  • Check out rawsacramento.net and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RawSacramento/

    I don’t live in Sacramento, but it’s only an hour and a half away from San Francisco, where we have lots of good health food stores and raw restaurants.

  • Sac has lots of stores that carry raw organic food: Whole Foods, the Natural Foods Co-Op (or for a 15 minute drive the Davis Co-Op), Elliots Natural Foods (3 locations), Sunrise Natural Foods, and more Asian markets than I can count. Whole Foods and the Sac Co-Op both have raw sections and salad bars with many raw items.

    No raw restaurants yet, but I usually find things I can eat at Vietnamese and Thai restaurants, where they’re more likely to serve fresh fruits and vegetables.

    Hope you enjoy moving here!

  • Man I miss Sacramento.. Before I left I was enjoying the Whole Foods that was near my house. It’s got a pretty good selection of everything and there was plenty of raw I could find. Plus there are really nice farmer’s markets in various locations all week. I also recommend the RawSacramento group.. they are a nice bunch of people and really helpful.

    Unfortunately like k8lish said there aren’t any raw restaurants in Sac yet (bummer!!) but I’d drive to San Fran. if they have some (or you can take the B.A.R.T.).

    Good luck with your move to Sac. it’s a nice place and there are always things to do and see.. like I said I miss it.

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