OB co-op is awesome!!

I know its just a local place but i fugured if anyone is ever in san diego they need to go there! I had a rough morning down town( a place i never go even with company visiting from out of town…)lets say it was lawyer related and every one can groan in unison! haha anyhoo, since i was forced down there i decided to stop in with samples at the coop in Ocean Beach. Its a fabulous store from the friendly staff( i was hugged or touched by almost every one of them i came in contact with) to the awesome space it inhabits, to the sheer amount of hard to find items! they had three raw shelves not one dusty set up in a hidden corner, nooo these where well stocked end caps with all kinds of goodies! i came home with two finds, i call it product research but really, its goodies i didnt have to make!! hahaaha the raw breakfasts crust by mauk family farms out of santa ana, Ca…really tastey and crunchy beyond belief i also liked their packageing and label. So much of the other raw stuff has crap labels..i guess its an asthetic thing i have! grin, a nd a karma kookie, made local in poway, tastey and great packaging.. she uses olives in the choclate truffle one i got, cant taste them but the outside of the kookie is weirdly shiney… good though, i also brought home beluga lentils and seaweed noodles, cant wait to try those!!! I ate lunch at the deli that had not one not two, but three raw choices!! i ordered the big plate and sampled all of them, for 6 bucks….siting inside overlookeing the store was great but they do have a small outdoor patio as well. I joined ( 15 bucks a year) and figure ill make a bimonthly trec down there if only for their kale salad! teehee everyone should go and support a great store, and get a good meal and some very primo grocerys!!! keep your fingers crossed they will carry some of my creations…. but i wont holdit against them if they dont… after all they are the only game in town with seaweed noodles!!!;)

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