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UN-cooking... With cannabis?

Has anyone on here ever tried it?

I was thinking of possibly powdering it and heating it up with some coconut oil to 110 degrees.



  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    morning theft, thanks for that link. Really interesting! I wonder if there is any place where you can forage for it wild? :) If there is, I am sure it has been picked clean!

    I am not really interested getting any high from it (I tried that twice and didn’t care for it – maybe because I had to smoke it and I am not a smoker) but if it gave me some sort of buzz or energy that would be OK. Regardless, it sounds like it is nutritous and might be a good wild green to put in smoothies or a salad.

    It is very amazing how many parts of the hemp plant are so useful to us and how the leaves are considered illegal for obvious reasons. At least in Canada commerical hemp is legal – they have to make sure it is a low THC stain though.

    So ridiculous – considering how many chemicals and other things that can slowly kill us these days are put in many products but they are not considered illegal – and they should be! Shows you how warped the world is.

    Chris, is it possible the cannabis you ate was too low a strain? I am not an expert or anything but there are different strains that can be grown. The lower variety is used for commerical use (hemp clothing, etc) – you need the higher strain to get the “high”. It makes sense though that you might need some sort of heat to release the THC – maybe use dried leaves?

    Very well said Chris about what is legal and isnt. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Chris, did you get that backwards? I can’t imagine anyone being FOR some of those things and against the others.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    123: You don’t have to imagine it, this exists for real.

    In parts of our the world things from my 1st list are Legal. (Execution, Hunting, Hand Guns, Prisons, Usury, Bigamy, Religous Persecution, Prejudice, War, Bombing, Nuclear Weapons, Slavery, Insest and Child Labor.) In the USA at least 8 of those are Legal. In the USA the rest are Illegal yet some of them go unpunished everyday.

    Also in parts of our world Homosexuality and Free Speach are Illegal and Equal Rights just does not exist. For example, in the USA, Homosexuality is Legal, yet Sodomy is Illegal. (Sodomy defined by Wikipedia: “all sexual acts other than coital sex between a male and female”)

    There are many more unimaginable legal atrocities, these were off the top of my head.

    I wasn’t actually stating my belief For or Against any of these, but It should be somewhat obvious where I stand on these issues.

    queenfluff: Thanks for the kind words about my ‘what’s legal’ rant. Also I have it on good authority that the paticular cannabis flowers I was using for my smooties and such were at the very top of the range as far as potency and had the ability to produce a substantial high when smoked.

    A note on the USA laws against cannabis. Prior to the 1930’s all paper was made from cannabis (an easily sustainable resource). Many other products like rope and canvas were made from it as well. The word ‘canvas’ actually comes from the word cannabis.

    In the 30’s Dupont Chemical Corporation invented a process to bleach wood pulp and make paper from trees. This eliminated the expense of growing the cannabis. To capture the market Dupont backed a politician at the time to push a Bill through congress making “Marijuanna” (a mexicam term) illegal.

    They used the word Marijuanna in their bill, because no one in their right mind would make cannabis illegal. It was depended on by people and industry everyday. Also cannabis and Hashish (a very concentrated form of cannabis) was one of the most commonly prescribed drugs by Doctors at the time.

    They passed this Bill a few days before Christmas in 1931, when a very few members of congress were there to vote on it. Thanks to Dupont we now cut down endless amounts of trees to satisfy our never ending need for paper.

    If anyone is interested in more information on this subject, I would recommend the book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Morning_theft: Thank you for posting the rawcannabis link. Medical use of cannabis is legal (statewide) here in Oregon and I forwarded this information to a few cardholders.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Chris, I thought you were saying that you were for those things! There are a lot of laws here (USA) that I think are ridiculus

  • We grew some nice pot plants a few years ago to experiment with in our raw diets. The marijuana leaf is the most perfect food and it is an ancient food as well. We would put the leaves in our smoothies and salads, very delicious. You can only get high if you heat it which changes the chemical make up. The only place I’ve ever seen it growing wild was in Morocco where it was growing on the sides of the road in some places!

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie


    But you didn’t hear this from me…

    Hehe, honestly, I was thinking about this before too… But I never ended up trying anything.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    About a year ago I had the opportunity to experiment with Raw cannabis. I had seen the phrase “uncooked marijuanna” mentioned several times in the book “Nature’s First Law” and being a former “Pothead” I was curious to see if I could use cannabis again, within the guidelines of “anything raw is OK”.

    I am sure that the nutritional and health benefits are wonderful, they are certainly well documented. I wanted to post about what I was very surprised to find while experimenting with it for those few days.

    I was given quite a bit, over an ounce of some very strong buds. I tried eating the flowers on their own which was ok and made my mouth throat and stomach feel nice. I was surprised though, that I wasn’t ever able to “get high” from any of my trials. I even made a smoothie on my last attempt that contained a half of an ounce of flower. This drink did give me a mild “head change” that lasted about 20 minutes. But let me stress that it was very mild and almost un-noticeable.

    Maybe because cannabis is an alkaloid high, and I was 100% raw at the time, I was already in an alkaloid state and so I experienced no great change in my feelings.

    I had been a former smoker and had “brownies” and such many times, But looking back I can’t remember any time that I tried eating cannabis while not smoking it as well. I had always believed that I was getting high from the brownies, but now I wonder. Also, maybe the THC has to be heated to produce the intense “high”, I had heard this before. Since I don’t plan on ever cooking any in the future, I guess I’ll never know.

    I’m not saying that it’s bad, I’m sure that it is good. By the standards talked about in “Raw” circles I would classify cannabis as a superfood for sure. I just wanted to warn any potential high chasers that you may be wasting your time and flowers.

  • Using cannabis is illegal.

  • It’s not illegal where I’m from! hah Hooray for Holland! Though,.. I don’t use it in any form,.. _

  • Chirs, if you read my post, I made no value judgment about the legality of cannabis. I simply stated a fact. I thought it was worth pointing out; I

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Well the guys on this site use the buds in raw form and they do manage to get a high from it… Just their method’s a little complicated in my book.

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Maybe it doesn’t get you high when you eat it because THC is fat soluble. Hemp leaf powder is a superfood, according to Shazzie. Maybe cannabis is too

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Legal? – If I approved or disapproved of things based on whether or not they are legal then depending on where in the world I lived…

    I would be for: Execution, Hunting, Hand Guns, Prisons, Usury, Bigamy, Religous Persecution, Prejudice, War, Bombing, Nuclear Weapons, Slavery, Insest and Child Labor.

    I would be against: Homosexuality, Free Speach, Equal Rights, etc.

    Thankfully I tend to decide things for myself.

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    I’ve really enjoyed contributing to this thread, so I am glad that it went the way it did. Thanks B. for looking out for those unaware of the legal issue.

  • Ya folks ya eat it for its goodness, but if you are trying to get stoned, it is fat soluable as mentioned before so definatly go for the coconut oil and heating to 110 degrees, or it is also alchol soluable so you could make some honey mead with it or someother raw alcohol. Chris LOVED your input!!!

  • Yea well ima former pothead and whether you cook it or eat it you will get high!!!

  • Interesting discussion! I’m surprised how often legal issues crop up relating to raw foods. It’s certainly not just something like “cannabis,” being considered a drug. It’s also in the laws about food growing and distribution, and things like pasteurization.

    “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” was a great book, which I recall reading many years ago.

  • I once came across a book by David Wolfe with a recipe for preparing raw cannabis flowers for the “high”. It consisted of grinding the female flowers or buds, then soaking the resulting powder in hemp oil (or any fatty oil) for one month somewhere dark. Like the other post mentioned, THC needs to be mixed with a fat for bodily absorbtion and this recipe works without heating the oil. Fats are unstable as it is. I did try this recipe a few years back but i honestly dont remember what the effects were.. maybe because the raw food does make me feel slightly high all the time?

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    yes, k8lish you are onto the right idea, definately need coconut oil. traditional brownies call for loads of butter. and i think heating it up to 100 or 115 would do the trick. the oil will soak up the thc, but i would still use the plant as well. maybe a good pudding recipe, with raw cacao, maybe avacodo and just blend the hell out of it. the effects last alot longer if it is consumed instead of smoked.

  • My understading is that TCH needs to be “activated” by very high temperatures in order to have psycoactive effects on the body.

    I have eaten small quantities (a few grams) of high quality, organic cannabis before with no psycoactive effects. But it did give me a scratchy feeling in my thorat.

    I susspect this is because TCH is actually a toxin. One theory of why cannabis plants preoduce TCH is because it is toxic to insects.

    That said, I think cannabis is a great plant and I am very intereted in consuming it in the raw. I already consume consume canabis seeds whihc are grown from no TCH hemp for legal reasons. However, THC is not concentrated in the seeds of cannabis, it is only found in the glandular trichomes which are on the flowers in later stages of maturity.

    So, to me it makes sense that cannabis would be a natural food in the raw state. Young plants and mature leaves and seeds contain no THC. And I bet those would be the most consumable parts.

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i had that weird scratchy thing in the throat too! i thought it was because i didn’t chew it up and i didn’t eat it with anything! i wonder if it would be any different in coconut oil, or even mixed in with cashew or almond butter.

    supposedly buddha lived on one hemp seed a day and eventually gained enlightenment. (don’t try this at home folks!) definately a superfood!

  • Chris- It might have been that not only was the plants you got flowers from a low strain, but that most of the time the flowering stage produces less THC readily available in the raw form. By slowly cooking any part of the cannibis plant in alcohol or fat(like butter or cocunut oil) you can extract different levels of the THC. But raw it is harder if you are tring to get a head change, and it’s only slight from what I can recall (or was it? J/K) But it sure is good and good for you.

  • Pot was a huge part of my past, and I am quite happy to leave it there. I had a life changing experience almost 30 years ago and left my old “life” behind. Having said that however, the logic that makes all these doctor prescribed drugs that people are choking down (not to mention chemo’therapy’ and radiation!!), which cause such hugely harmful side affects, legal, yet makes marijuana illegal, is totally lost on me! Legal or not, if I ever get sick and pot can be beneficial, it will be my first choice over doctor prescribed poison.

    One question, if THC is a toxin….then is it really that healthy to consume in any form?

    And if heating it changes the chemical makeup to one that makes it psycoactive, what does that say about how heat affects all of our food? Who knew that just heating something could make such a significant change?!

  • The world of MJ research has show that cannibis is a safe and healthy herb. THC is not harmful in any way. It has been proven to hallt the progression of desieses such as MS, altheimers, ALS etc. It has also been show to be as effective as chemo in breast cancer. If you go to the NORML web sites this research is posted.

    Wheather cannibis has to be heated in not clear, In India they grind ripe flowers into a paste which is them sweetened and flavored with spices. It is call bhang. Little green balls where 1 or 2 will be very strong.

    If glycerin is ok to eat – a glycerin tincture may be prepaired by filling a mason jar with herb and covering it with glycerin from health food store. Soak for 1-2 months with some shaking the jar for a few minutes to mic the glycerin which is viscous. Keep in a room temperature dark place like a cupboard. A dropper full of this tincture is a powerful pain releaver for those in chronic pain. conditions.


  • i put some flowers in some coconut oil for a couple days and a really good oil came from it.. i then used the oil with some agave,shredded coconut and cacao powder…yummy edible treats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It is oil soluable for sure, but you do not get all the goodness in only 2 days. It really takes a couple months to disolve it all. BTW the cannibis oils which are not psycoactive are powerful medicines. Oil extraction get those also.

    Other solvents have been used such as DMSO, and ethel alcohol. In a voporizer, the hot air vaporizes the volitile components for inhalation. It takes so little that eating it may be to strong for some people; this is why most peple like inhalation as it is easier to titrate your dosage.

    But I am here to learn and not teach about this. Feed me with knowledge.


  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    clinton, you are so knowledgeable on this subject!!

    do you use a medivap? i’ve often wondered if that is alot safer.

  • I do use a vaporizer some of the time. It is an HerbalAire. It inflates bags – no combustion. But sometimes I may smoke. If I do not do anything to extreme I know it does no harm.. I do know a bit about this plant. I live where I am state legal. I have grown for 8+ years and have been teaching other patients how to become self sufficient for most of that time. I have patients with various cancers, MS, chronic spinal pain, etc. It has a wide range of things it helps. The stems taste sweet when alive so maybe it could be eaten. The seed is very nutritious and the oil high quality. I saw a statement that MJ leaves are super food. How do we handle the cellulose which is in the fibers?


  • What about making Kombucha Tea with cannabis…mmmm that would be a very interesting experiment, Has anyone tried it?

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