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All day Menu!

So well, i can cook RAW now! But i am still not able to put the meals together. Is all RAW but is not Filling yet. Would appreciate some help here. Possibly someone can post up few sets of all day menu viz.

1. Morning Breakfast 2. Lunch 3. Evening Breakfast 4. Dinner

It will really help the “Ought to be RAW fooders”. Thanks in Advance =)


  • Ooh, second breakfast! I like it! ;)

    My daily menu is pretty simple, though I don’t really do meals. I just graze throughout the day most of the times:

    green juice in the morning (either straight celery juice, or a combo of celery, kale, chard, apple, and sometimes parsley) or carrot-ginger juice

    fruit throughout the day and/or green smoothies or fruit smoothies (My favorite green smoothie combos: nectarines or peaches, frozen strawberries with lacinato/dino kale and chard; oranges and kale; grapefruit and romaine)

    ‘dinner’ is a huge salad the size of serving bowl filled with a head of romaine, tomatoes, mushrooms, an avocado, onions, sprouts, whatever else I’m in the mood for

    cinnamon banana ‘ice cream’ (frozen bananas, nut/seedmilk or water and nut butter, cinnamon whirled around in the food processor) or apples with nut butter or just fruit

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Melon for breakfast-summer

    Green Smoothie- mid-morning into lunch, sometimes I have another all fruit smoothie or something similar to applesauce, or a banana.

    Blended salad/soup with cut up veggies (pre-dinner)

    Mixed Salad with nuts, avocado or seeds for dinner.

    The menu is basically the same but the ingredients change. I sometimes make more elaborate dinner meals using some of the recipes from this group.

  • Can I ask you how tall are you and if you are very active? Do you sport? All that would influence your menu. It will influence how many times you eat per day and what you eat. I mostly eat just two times a day, but I am not very active right now. When I am, then I would eat only three times. I never eat if I am not hungry, so that means I will skip sometimes food. Filling is not the same as been satisfied. What is that you eat? Could you post an example of a daily menu? I would like to help you better. An example of my daily menu, (I am 5’2”, female, 33 years old, average active). Most of the times, I never eat before 11:00 am because I am not hungry before this time. Breakfast between 11:00 – 12:00 Very large Orange or red grapefruit juice with pulp, or a whole melon (or half depending how hungry I am). Lunch: Mostly around 3:00pm Large fruit salad, seldom I add some almonds. OR A Large shake made with cashew, almond, or pistacho milk and frozen raw fruits. Dinner: Between 6-7pm Large salad with one of the followings: avocado, or nuts, or raw bread, raw soup, etc. This is the largest meal for me. Sometimes, I do this meal at 3pm and have for dinner a less heavy meal.

  • dragon I try to listen to my body, Im a very active 39 year old female. i get up really early ( between 3:30 and 4:30 am) so at that time i have a piece of fruit like a bannana or an orange, then i have my tea by 9 am im ready for “breakfast” all summer it was some sort of green & fruit smoothie, but its cooler now so for some reason a big green salad with spinach and kale has hit the spot, i eat nuts and seeds periodically through out the day and will have a nori wrap or salad or something at around noonish. at three i eat some fruit usually( a few dates or half a bannana or some citrus then dinner, which can be as easy as an ear of corn or as complicated as nutmeat loaf … if you want to feel full add fat in the form of avos or oils, nuts cut it for me sometimes but sometimes i need an avocado…ill split it in half and season it and eat it with a spoon, while fighting off my dogs who love a good avo! grin; ) good luck, and remember what you eat and the amount are up to you and your needs.

  • Depending on how much time I have in the morning, I will usually have a green smoothie (spinach, almond milk, banana and mixed frozen berries) for breakfast or just grab a piece of fruit (banana, apple, peach) as I am running out the door. I usually have a mid morning snack of more fruit, or if I have been productive that week maybe some yam chips, donut holes, or dehydrated crackers with nut/seed cheese (depending on what I have made a bunch of that week). For lunch I will have a green salad (or sometimes dinner leftovers). For dinners I will usually make recipes from this site.

    Since some recipes are more time consuming than others, I will usually take one or maybe two days/nights a week to make a bunch of stuff to put in the dehydrator (snacks and meal items) or to just keep on hand to eat during the week. I will usually try to make large-ish quantities and freeze half to eat later that month or bring with me if I travel. Or if I have lots of leftovers, I will use them in dishes throughout the week (i.e. a batch of cheddar sauce goes good with lettuce wrap tacos, taco salad, on top of crackers, or on top of squash pieces for “mac-n-cheese”). Planning ahead helps me to save time – if I need to soak or sprout anything, or take a dish out of the freezer to defrost, or if something needs just a few hours to dehydrate, etc. I will start to prep this stuff in the morning before work or the night before.

    Hope this helps. Be creative and enjoy!!

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