raw transformations

One of the things I love reading are the raw testimonials (with before and after pics), how people have changed their health and improved their energy, etc… Some people put this info in their profiles, but I’d love to see a spot where people can write a lot more personal stuff about their raw journey. I always find it so inspirational! Just my two cents…


  • I just got David Wolfe’s book The sunfood diet,and I really liked his testimonials.He liked very much bread and that was very difficult for him. I think for all of us that had a “society” life style with all those tv commercials on your face practically making you bying stuff that is bad for you or is not needed at all,we are very strong to go away from all of this poison wolrd. It is very difficult to change your life,friends that don’t agree with your life style and bottle you,even family, it is very difficult to stand up and be yourself. But we’ve done that,and good for us. Yes, daisygirl,would be good to start a profile info on that subject.

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