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Are dried dates raw?

I LOVE dates. But I’m not sure if the dried ones are necessarily raw. They probably dry them at higher temps, right? I would dry my own but that would probably take ages in my dehydrator, and with winter coming I doubt there will be enough sun / warmth to dry them that way.

I’m on the Master Cleanse right now and when I come off of it I really want to try and be 100% raw. I’m not gonna go crazy over it just yet though because I’m planning some not 100% raw meals (but close to it) for Thanksgiving, so either way I’ll be eating some cooked ingredients then… but for now I’d like to stay as close to 100% as I can. So just trying to make sure one of my favorite things really is raw!!


  • ZoeZoe

    Most dates have some kind of vegetable oil on them so check the packaging to be sure they are 100% dates with nothing added. Most are dried naturally, they come from really hot places with plenty of sun. I like fresh dates the best which haven’t been dried. Don’t know if you can get them in the USA.

  • Thanks. I haven’t seen any fresh dates here BUT my aunt managed to buy some (I have no clue where).... but i’m almost certain they weren’t organic. I LOVE them but like I said, hard to find. I’ll just have to keep an eye open.

    Thanks for the info :)

  • ZoeZoe

    We get ours from Indian and Middle Eastern food shops. The good ones are from Iran mainly, also Jordan grows some good dates we buy fresh, they’re huge!

  • Fresh dates are grown in Southern California. There are many date farms all over the Palm Springs area. The date people is one of the suppliers who ship dates: http://datepeople.net/

    Try them and I’m sure you will never want to eat dried dates again. You can keep them refrigerated for up to 1 year.

  • /threadjack/ :

    Are the dates in all of the recipes dried, or fresh? I have dried dates, but don’t know if I should use them.

  • Socal, After shipping, about how much do these date cost per pound? Thanks

  • I always operate on the basis that dates in recipes are dried. That means it’s often an idea to soak them for an hour or so before use.

  • jayybee30, the prices are on the PDF document at the web site, shipping is by UPS (I think) and the cost depends on where you are. For me I think it was only about $5 for shipping the 10 pound boxes. I find that overall the cost is in the area of $5 a pound. Medjool dates are more though.

  • thanks, debbietook :) I didn’t know that dates required soaking. So glad I asked.

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