Jambo from sunny Africa! :)

Hi everyone,

Btw, jambo means hello in Kiswahili :) It has been so interesting reading the posts and the recipes!

I went raw a few months ago for a week. I just went cold turkey on a Monday and stayed totally raw till Saturday, then gave up. I went through a lot of detox and after four days felt terrific! It was my mums delish coconut rice that tempted me back :(

I’ve been 95% raw this week starting Monday again and the first four days were fine this time. Today I’ve been feeling really irritable and tired. Reading the forms helps keep me on track as I was planning to stop for the weekend and start again Monday … BAD IDEA! lol

I went raw after going through many life changes last year, part depression and bad health (back probs and aches and pains). I told myself that being so young I don’t want all these issues, so I’ve taken the plunge again!

So keep foruming :P and I look forward to a universal raw revolution soon! I know I’ve started sharing this concept in my country (Tanzania, E.Africa) since no one knows about it.


Kwaheri (goodbye) and lots of raw e-hugs to all of you :P


  • At first i thought it was all or nothing that i had to be 100% raw to feel amazing, but you don’t. Your body will let you know when you are ready to be all raw. You picked a great site with amazing recipies!! Looking forward to reading some of your posts!

  • Jambo rupal This is a great site for keeping you motivated. I’ve just done my 1st almost raw day today, hopefully i wont give up tomorrow and be 100% soon. I’d like to be able to go cold turkey but i’m training for a marathon so need to limit the detox, I need all the energy i can get. Loads of green juices and smoothies seem to be the easiest way to get through the day for me and are supposed to ease your cravings. Good luck and keep spreading the word. Sunluvva

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